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  • Open Up a World of Promise

    Thousands of miles away, you’ve started looking forward. And once you arrive at Monmouth University, you won’t stop. Each year, students from more than 25 countries around the globe discover a bright and powerful future at Monmouth.

    With access to nationally recognized faculty and world-class facilities situated near New York City, Philadelphia, and one mile from the Atlantic Ocean, it’s easy to see why students from countries such as Australia, China, England, India, and Zimbabwe choose Monmouth’s diverse and vibrant community each year.

    Challenging. Friendly. Welcoming. It’s what you will expect as you look forward at Monmouth.

  • International Student Profile: Xiao Liu

    Monmouth University international student Xiao Liu talks about the university's historic and beautiful campus.

  • International Student Profile: Oluwaseyi Bankole

    Monmouth University international student Oluwaseyi Bankole discusses how the faculty helped her acclimate to living in the United States.