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Monmouth University Team wins Department of Education Grant for Climate Education

The Monmouth University Climate Education Collaborative (MUCEC) was developed by Drs. Michelle Schpakow (Education), Catherine Duckett (Science), and Peter Jacques (Political Science) in collaboration with Monmouth University’s Urban Coast Institute, New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, and Monmouth Conservation Foundation.  With a competitive grant of over $311,000 from the NJ DOE our goal is to build a program to train  and better prepare NJ K-12 teachers to teach climate change at grade appropriate levels across all subjects. Monmouth Conservation Foundation and NJ Sea Grant Consortium and the Urban Coast Institute will help us provide a place-based curriculum.  Our programs are open to all public school teachers in New Jersey, with preference being given to teachers in collaborating districts in Monmouth, Mercer and Union Counties. We will serve central NJ teachers starting in June and going through March 2025.  Teachers will be compensated for their time for professional development programing delivered outside of school hours and funds for substitute teachers are available.

We are proud to be one four New Jersey Universities to receive a Climate Education Collaborative grant, and Monmouth University is the only private university to receive funding from this program.

You can reach us at

A schedule of upcoming professional development events for teachers can be found on the MUCEC project website.