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2024 Student Scholarship Week Posters

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Honors School

Leon Hess Business School

Costing Issue with Price Standardization
Olivia Denney
Marc Rongetti
Gerard Varanelli
Brian Pawelek

Seasonality Cost Analysis Behavior for Target Corporation
Chris Skwirut
Mariely Libran
Sophie Flores-Linares

Cost Behavior Analysis of Grandma’s Cheese Café
Daniela Hernandez
Vivian Padron
Kayla Grden

School of Education

Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Why Does Poetry Matter?
Arely Lazaro, Chelsea Maydish, & Mia Ossandon

Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies

Patients Perception of Colored Scrubs: A Scoping Review
McKayla Dottery, Rebecca Raike, Katie Lane, Grace Jordan, Reema Kwara & Julia Jodelka

The Use of Virtual Reality (VR) as an Effective Modality for Pain Management in the Care of Pediatric Burn Victims
Deepika Budhraja, Norhan Gomaa, Ariana Ochoa, Victoria White & Taylor Paradoski

Impact of Working Night Shift: Nurses’ Mental Health – A Scoping Review
Jaime Mulligan
Natalie DeRose
Kelly Ramirez
Kylie Contreras
Gianna Calandruccio

The Effects of White Coat Syndrome
Bridgette Blumetti
Bartholomew Buonocore
Morgan Kato
Kalista Kerr
Grace Lancia
Anna Rose

School of Science

School of Science Student Research Conference & Dean’s Award Winners


“Spatial And Temporal Patterns Of The Prohibited Atlantic Angel Shark, Squatina dumeril, Within The Mid-Atlantic Bight”

Student:  Jessica Maguire | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Keith Dunton

Chemistry and Physics

“Investigating Ligand-Induced Local Conformational Changes Of Fluorescently Labeled G-Quadruplex Structures”

Students:  Alexa Houseknecht and Maxwell Rosen | Faculty Mentor: Davis Jose

Computer Science and Software Engineering

“DEVSLIST: A Recruitment Platform For Developers”

Students:  Joseph Furmanowski, Evan Gardner, Tyler Gennaro, and Daniel Lawrie | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cui Yu


“An Exploration Into The Lattice Heronian Kites And Rhombi”

Student: Eliana L. Joskowski | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Susan H. Marshall


Eastern Box Turtles: A Species of Special Concern are Flourishing in the Face of Detrimental Suburban Development
Richard S. Robinson, Christopher F Meehan, Adriana Simancas, Madison J. Patterson, & Rebecca J. Berzins

School of Social Work

Women in Group Work: Stronger Together
Jenna Basto
Darian Constantine
Brooke Murphy
Grace Krall