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Date Region Title
11/18/2019 New Jersey Quality of Life Index Rallies
11/12/2019 Iowa Few Caucusgoers Tied to 2020 Choice
11/06/2019 National Trump 2020 Reelect Stable
11/05/2019 National Partisan Opinion on Trump Digs in
10/23/2019 South Carolina Little Change for Dem Field
10/14/2019 National Americans Feel Divided On Core Values
10/10/2019 National Halloween Faves, Costume Don’ts
10/02/2019 National No Change in Trump Reelect Prospects
10/01/2019 National Impeachment Support Up Slightly But Trump Job Rating Steady
09/30/2019 New Jersey Mixed Views on Plastic Bag Ban
09/25/2019 New Jersey Is Impeachment a Risk For New Dems?
09/24/2019 New Hampshire Dem Primary in Flux
09/19/2019 New Jersey Booker Clings to Positive Job Rating
09/17/2019 New Jersey Governor’s Rating Static
09/09/2019 National Public Divided On Assault Weapons Policy
08/26/2019 National 3-Way Lead as Dem 2020 Picture Shifts
08/22/2019 National Potential Impeachment Impact On 2020
08/08/2019 Iowa Biden Holds Lead, Warren on the Chase
07/25/2019 South Carolina Biden Holds Large Edge
07/01/2019 National Few Aware of Trump July 4 Speech Plan
06/25/2019 National Abortion a Factor in 2020 Vote
06/20/2019 National All The President’s Trends
06/19/2019 National Biden Tops Electability Ratings
06/12/2019 Nevada Biden, Warren, Sanders Lead 2020 Field
06/03/2019 National Health Care Access Impacts Job Mobility