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Date Region Title
07/05/2022 National More Americans Struggling; Inflation, Gas Prices Top Family Concerns
06/30/2022 National Public Disagrees with SCOTUS on Guns
06/28/2022 National Majority Disapprove of Reversing Roe
05/18/2022 National Covid Concerns Remain Low; Few Want Return Of Mask Mandates
05/16/2022 National Steady Support for Russia Sanctions
05/12/2022 National Abortion, Economy Top Midterm Issues
05/11/2022 National Majority Say Let Roe Stand; Scotus Approval Rating Drops
04/27/2022 Pennsylvania Partisan Picture Of Senate Primary
04/25/2022 New Jersey Quality of Life Index Stable; But Desire to Exit Jersey Ticks Up
04/19/2022 New Jersey Majority Supports Plastic Bag Ban; But Few Aware of Ban on Paper
04/14/2022 New Jersey Covid Concerns Decline
04/11/2022 New Jersey Majority Back Pump-Your-Own Gas, But Only If Full Service Remains Available
04/07/2022 New Jersey Democrats Preferred in Midterms Despite Biden’s Poor Ratings
04/06/2022 New Jersey Murphy Starts Second Term With Positive Ratings
03/28/2022 National Shifting Support for Some, But Not All, Covid Mandates
03/21/2022 National Public Supports Jackson on SCOTUS
03/17/2022 National Negative View of State of the Union
03/16/2022 National Bipartisan Support for Russia Sanctions
03/15/2022 National Few Americans Like Resetting Clocks
02/07/2022 National Relationship Satisfaction Returns to Normal After Pandemic Bump
01/31/2022 National Time to Accept Covid and Move On?
01/27/2022 National No Consensus on Voting Rights vs. Filibuster
01/26/2022 National GOP Has Congress Edge by Default
12/15/2021 National Most Americans ‘Worn Out’ By Covid
12/13/2021 National Inflation, Supply Chain Issues Impact Holiday Shopping