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Special Education Supervisor Endorsement

Special Education Supervisor Endorsement

If you are looking to take on leadership roles within your district and expand your expertise in the field of special education, we invite you to consider Monmouth’s graduate level Special Education Supervisor program.

This master’s degree program is designed to provide advanced level content for teachers, including a deep dive into essential topics such as:

  • Curriculum development and design
  • Public school supervision and communication
  • Administration and supervision of literacy practices and professional development for school leaders

Intended specifically for licensed special education teachers who are seeking to acquire the New Jersey supervisor’s endorsement, through this program you will also gain a more comprehensive understanding of special education methods, legal topics, and learning theories, as you prepare to take on leadership roles and make an even bigger impact on the lives of your students.

Must hold a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS), Provisional, or Standard New Jersey Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement.

Photo of Carol McArthur-Amedeo, Ed.D.

Carol McArthur-Amedeo, Ed.D.

Supervisor Endorsement Contact


Photo of Sarah J. Moore

Sarah Moore

Graduate Advisor