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OTD Curriculum

OTD Curriculum

The OTD program at Monmouth prepares you to deliver inclusive, equitable, client-centered, implementation-based, culturally competent, and distinctive occupational therapy services.

Over the course of 105 credits, you will take a combination of didactic and experiential courses that address the changing landscape of occupational therapy practice. You will study creative interdisciplinary practice models in traditional and community settings, as well as population health perspectives that focus on community, health, prevention, wellness, and health literacy.

Students will begin the experiential learning requirements in semester two of the program. Examples of these active learning exercises will include team-based projects, case studies, flipped classroom, competencies, and interprofessional immersive experiences.

Students will also complete two, 12-week fieldwork experiences that focus on wellness, mental health, and rehabilitation across the lifespan. Fieldwork may take place in a variety of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, schools, community and wellness centers, outpatient clinics, and other emergent practice areas.

In the final semester, students will complete a doctoral capstone that contains both a 14-week immersive experience and a formal project. The project is student-driven and will address mastery of clinical practice, research, administration, leadership, program and policy development, advocacy, education, or theory development. Students will then disseminate their capstone project to faculty, peers, families, and/or other stakeholders to demonstrate mastery of their selected experience.

OTD Course Sequence

Graduate Year 1
Summer Credits
OTD-501 Occupation & Adaptation Across the Lifespan 3
OTD-502 The Neuroscience of Occupational Performance 3
OTD-503 Professional Seminar 1
Semester Credits 7
Fall Credits
OTD-504 Research for Evidence-Based Practice 2
OTD-505 Principles of Practice I: Therapeutic Use of Self and Group Dynamics 4
OTD-506 Movement in Occupation 3
OTD-507 Clinical Medicine 2
OTD-508 Ethics, Professional Communication and Advocacy 2
OTD-509 Community Practice: Health Promotion and Wellness 2
OTD-510 Population Health 2
Semester Credits 17
Spring Credits
OTD-511 Principles of Practice II: Psychosocial Occupational Therapy 4
OTD-512 Cognition Across the Lifespan 2
OTD-513 Contemporary Social Issues in Practice, Justice, and Occupation 2
OTD-514 Quantitative Methods in Occupational Therapy 2
OTD-515 Sensory Modulation Across the Lifespan 1
OTD-516 Qualitative and Mixed Methods in Occupational Therapy 2
OTD-517 Mindful Practice and Wellness 1
Semester Credits 14
Graduate Year 2
Summer Credits
OTD-601 Principles of Practice III: Adult Occupational Therapy 4
OTD-602 Current Issues in Practice: Adulthood and Aging 2
OTD-603 Community Living Supports 2
OTD-604 Occupation and UE Rehabilitation 2
Semester Credits 10
Fall Credits
OTD-605 Principles of Practice IV: Pediatric Occupational Therapy 4
OTD-606 Contemporary Issues in School-Based Practice 2
OTD-607 Management & Supervision of Occupational Therapy Services 3
OTD-608 Mindful Practice and Wellness II 1
OTD-609 Mentored Scholarship 2
OTD-610 Fieldwork Preparation Seminar 1
OTD-611 Professional Portfolio/ Capstone Project I 1
Semester Credits 14
Spring Credits
OTD-700A Level IIA (6) Jan-March 6
OTD-700B Level IIB (6) April-June 6
Semester Credits 12
Graduate Year 3
Summer Credits
OTD-701 Professional Portfolio/ Capstone Project II 1
OTD-702 Doctoral Practice in Occupational Therapy 2
OTD-703 Quality Improvement in Occupational Therapy Service Delivery 3
Semester Credits 6
Fall Credits
OTD-704 Advanced Practice in OT: Borders and Barriers 2
OTD-705 Advanced Leadership in Occupational Therapy 3
OTD-706 Academic Practice in Occupational Therapy 2
OTD-707 Professional Portfolio/ Capstone Project III 1
OTD-708 Entrepreneurship in Occupational Therapy 3
OTD-709 Pre-Doctoral Experiential Seminar 1
OTD-710 Decision Models and Financial Analysis in Occupational Therapy Practice 3
Semester Credits 15
Spring Credits
OTD-711 Doctoral Experiential 8
OTD-712 Professional Portfolio/ Capstone Project IV 2
Semester Credits 10
Total Credits 105
Photo shows Occupational Therapist working with young child.

Uniquely Positioned

With opportunities for partnership with the Institute for Health and Wellness and School of Education, as well as with the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Physician Assistant (PA), Master of Social Work (MSW), and Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) programs, OTD students are uniquely positioned for interdisciplinary learning across various areas of health care.