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The Faculty Association of Monmouth University

FAMCO – The Faculty Association of Monmouth University

The Faculty Association of Monmouth University is commonly called FAMCO, dating its name from its formation when Monmouth was a college.

FAMCO has been a major force in the development of professional standards and procedures at the University.

The association’s main responsibilities continue to be:

  1. negotiating agreements with the University that cover: salaries; benefits; procedures and standards for continuance; tenure and promotion; teaching loads; and service and scholarship requirements
  2. protecting faculty members by providing interpretations of the Agreement and a grievance system
  3. encouraging collegiality by holding open meetings, discussions, debates, and providing refreshments.

The current Agreement, which runs from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2021, was the result of months of negotiations and covers most of the areas of faculty-administration relations including, for example, how many courses to be taught, health insurance coverage, dental insurance coverage, retirement contributions, tenure procedures, and salary bases and increases.

Please review the Agreement to gain a sense of your status in the University, what will be expected of you, and what FAMCO can do to help your career at Monmouth University. It’s written in plain language, and members of the FAMCO Executive Committee will be happy to provide clarifications and explanations, if you need them.


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