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Webinar: Outsourcing the University, March 31, 2022

Archived recording of the event:

Access Passcode: 3wv7*9Hv

FAMCO co-sponsored this webinar about for-profit Online Program Management (OPM) companies and risks that they present to higher education institutions from the point-of-view of students, faculty, institutions, and governmental oversight. This webinar coincided with Monmouth Faculty Council’s resolution rejecting the use of OPM and similar for-profit outsourcing for use in academic mission.

Resolution on Outsourcing of parts of the Academic Mission (Faculty Council Resolution, 2022)

Whereas Faculty Council on December 19, 2019, adopted a resolution entitled “Online Program Manager (OPM) Resolution”;

Whereas the name “Online Program Manager” no longer covers the range of for-profit companies offering to manage (parts of) on-line learning for universities;

Whereas Faculty Council understands certain services are more cost-effectively provided by commercial entities, like the Learning Management System that we refer to as eCampus, and has always been included in the process of procurement of these services;


  1. Faculty Council would like to affirm that the Online Program Manager (OPM) Resolution applies to any company offering services that are the purview of faculty, like course design and delivery.
  2. Faculty Council objects to the outsourcing of any part of the academic mission, and is especially opposed to contracts that are based on revenue sharing with for-profit companies.
  3. Faculty Council should be involved in procurement of any services that can potentially impact the academic mission of the University.