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GIS Faculty

The following faculty teach or assist GIS curriculum.

John Comiskey, Ed.D., Director of Homeland Security Program – Assistant Professor of Homeland Security instrumental in the integration of GIS in Homeland Security curriculum. Professor Comiskey’s research interests include intelligence, the nexus of crime and terrorism, and evidence-based counter-terrorism. His strong ties to the homeland security community are an asset for providing students real-world GIS experience in homeland security.

Seth Hackman, M.B.A. and GISP, Instructor of GIS and Homeland Security – A certified GIS professional (GISP) with over 15 years of experience in the GIS industry and GIS teaching experience at multiple institutions. Professor Hackman has service roles at prominent GIS organizations and a wide range of experience applying GIS to various fields, including the environment and homeland security. This experience suits Professor Hackman’s current role as instructor of Advanced GIS and Homeland Security (GIS 335).

Sean McHugh, M.A., Instructor of GIS and Anthropology – A two-time graduate of Monmouth with a B.A. and M.A. in History, who specializes in archaeological applications of GIS. As Senior Archaeologist and GIS Coordinator at RGA Inc., Professor McHugh brings real-world experience to teach Introduction to GIS (GIS 224), Maps and Mapping (GO 125), and Spatial Data (GIS 324). For students interested in historical applications of GIS, Professor McHugh has research interests in the coastal prehistory of New Jersey and American military history.

James (Jim) Nickels, M.S., Marine Scientist for the Urban Coast Institute – A seasoned field scientist with 25 years of experience marine and inland water studies. His vast experience managing research vessels, crews, and equipment are integral for teaching the Marine Field Methods course (BY 251) for the GIS minor. Professor Nickels also assists the GIS program with field equipment and research.

Richard Scherl, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computer Science – Research interest in machine learning using geographic data provides research opportunities for GIS students. Other research interests include artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and information systems, all fields of interest for GIS students who want to pursue advanced research.