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Minor Requirements

The GIS minor curriculum can be summarized simply as three foundational courses and two electives in a particular field of GIS. The foundational courses cover (1) the technology of GIS (GIS 224), (2) different spatial data types and databases (GIS 324), and (3) analytical methods of GIS (GIS 325). Each of these courses provides the opportunity to apply GIS to your major, and collaboration with faculty in your major on projects is encouraged. The final two courses focus on the application of GIS in your major, and can be customized using an internship (GIS 489) and independent study (GIS 499), the distinction being an internship has an off-campus supervisor and an independent study is supervised by a faculty member on campus.

Students who complete the minor should have a portfolio of independent project work for job applications. Please review the curriculum chart for the GIS minor requirements.

Path to the GIS minor

 GIS minor curriculum

*These courses can be taken in any order after completing GIS 224