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  • General Information

    The bursar's office coordinates all aspects of a student's financial account, including billing of tuition, room, board, and fees. We also coordinate posting of financial aid, tuition credits, and refunds. Our Staff members assist students and parents in making payment arrangements.


    Semester bills are mailed to the student’s permanent address. Semester bills are mailed up until approximately one week before the payment deadline (refer to Payment Deadlines). Students registering thereafter are expected to pick up their bill and make payment immediately. In addition, statements of account are mailed monthly and may be viewed online.

    Fall semester bills are mailed beginning the first week in July.

    Spring semester bills are mailed in mid-November.


    Payments for fall semester charges are due in August, and spring charges are due in December. Specific dates are set annually (refer to Payment Deadlines). In addition to cash, check, and money order, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and debit cards for payment of educational expenses. Financial clearance must be met for a student to graduate or receive transcripts, either official or unofficial (student copy). If payment is not made as required, the student may not be allowed to register for future semesters/terms until the outstanding balance is satisfied, which may also incur late charges. In addition, the student will pay all collection costs and fees including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees incurred by the University.

    Please be aware that a student who becomes delinquent in payments due during the year may be barred from classes.

    See Payment Options.

    Change of Status:

    When a student changes his or her status from full-time to part-time or from part-time to full-time he or she must fill out a Change of Status form at the bursar's office. A copy of the Change of Status form is available off of our web site. Fill out the change you are requesting and return it to the bursar's office. This will enable us to bill your account correctly.

    Family Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA):

    Please see the Office Registration and Records Policy on this matter. .

    Health Insurance:

    Refer to Health Services for details.

    Contacting Us:

    When contacting the Office of the Bursar via e-mail you must use your Hawkmail address in order for us to respond to questions specifically relating to your account. Using your Hawkmail verifies that your information will stay confidential and private.