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Office of the Bursar

Terms Dictionary

Account Summary

– enables students to look up their billing account any time from any computer. View your Student Account Summary.

Balance Forward

– indicates outstanding balance from previous terms or charges.

Contracted Payment Plan

– reflects the amount contracted for the current term bill. For example, if the contract is for the full year, half of the contract will display for the fall semester. However, if a one-term contract has been established, credit will be displayed for the full contract.

Current Charges

– represents the tuition, room, board, and fees for the current term bill.

Current Estimated Aid (applied to account)

– reflects aid estimated or pending for the current term bill.


– indicates payment you made either by check or credit card that was sent directly to our bank.


– cash, check, money order, credit card, or deposits paid toward the current term bill. Payments for previous terms are reflected in the balance forward amount.

Prior Estimated Aid (applied to account)

– reflects aid still estimated or pending, but not yet received for prior terms.

Sign up for payment plan now.

Please note that newly established payment plans would not be reflected immediately. Activation will depend on the Tuition Management System’s (TMS) processing time.

Total Amount Due

– represents the total amount due to the University as of the current date. It is the sum of all the charges, less any actual payments received, estimated financial aid, and anticipated payments on the Contracted Payment Plan.


– is a refund check issued to the student or other payer