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Refund Appeal Process

Tuition and Fees Appeal


The University has established policies for determining the amount of credit a student is entitled to upon withdrawing from classes. In certain extenuating circumstances, the University will consider exceptions to those policies. This policy is intended to define those items that are considered extenuating for the purpose of an appeal and to establish the process by which an appeal may be made to the University.


The amount of credit that a student may receive for complete or partial withdrawal from classes during a semester is defined in the “Refund Policy for Complete Withdrawals” and the “Refund Policy for Partial Withdrawals.” These policies are included in the University catalogs. From time to time a student may face an extenuating circumstance, which forces him or her to withdraw from classes. In certain instances, this may be cause for consideration beyond the normal refund policy. The following outlines those matters that may provide the opportunity for additional consideration.

All appeals must be submitted in writing within one year of the beginning of the semester or term in question.

An event that occurs that is beyond human control and causes a student to be unable to complete attendance in a given semester may be appealed for additional credit. Such events would include illness, accident, or family tragedy relating to the student or an immediate family member. The event must be one that the student could not have reasonably known would occur before the beginning of the semester being appealed.

Events that are under human control including, but not limited to, relocation of the student’s residence and changes in job assignments or location are not subject to appeal. In addition, appeals of an academic nature, including issues of advising, are not the basis for a financial appeal. These concerns should be directed to the dean of the appropriate school.


The assistant to the vice president for student financial appeals (AVP/SFA) is responsible for coordinating student appeals and complaints regarding financial matters. Written appeals are to be sent to the assistant to the vice president. In addition, complaints relating to financial matters, which cannot be resolved at the administrative department level, should also be directed to the AVP/SFA.

The letter of appeal should be addressed to:

Assistant to the Vice President for Student Financial Appeals
Office of the Vice President for Finance
Monmouth University
Great Hall, Room 217
West Long Branch, New Jersey 07764-1898

The letter should include all supporting information pertinent to the appeal including, but not limited to, the following as appropriate to the specific appeal:

  • Semester under appeal
  • Student’s Social Security Number
  • Student’s address
  • Date last attended class
  • Explanation of basis for the appeal
  • Third party documentation of the cause such as:
    • Doctor’s and/or hospital’s medical record or letter of explanation
    • Death certificate
    • Newspaper account of incident which is basis for the appeal


Upon receipt of a letter of appeal or phone call, a complaint control sheet will be prepared by the AVP/SFA. It will track the status of the complaint including:

  • Date received
  • Nature of complaint
  • Additional documentation necessary to process
  • Who has been asked to review or provide information
  • Contacts with individual who filed appeal


In addition, an acknowledgement of receipt of appeal will be mailed within two days of receipt of the appeal.

Every effort will be made to process all appeals within two weeks of receipt of all necessary documentation. In order for the University to do this successfully, the AVP/SFA will be responsible to follow up with other offices involved in specific appeals.

Upon receipt of all required documents, a summary of the appeal will be prepared for the vice president for finance. If additional data appears necessary including the involvement of other members of the Cabinet, the appropriate request will be made at that time.

Students filing appeals for exceptions to the University Refund Policy are advised that there is a possibility that the amount of Financial Aid they may receive, or may have received, may be adversely affected. Students are advised that it is their responsibility to meet with a representative from the Financial Aid Office to see how filing an appeal will affect their financial aid package.