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New to MU?

Technology Guide for the Monmouth University Community

The following information is designed to help you become familiar with the services most commonly used by the Monmouth community.

Getting Help

If you have trouble, please email the Help Desk or call at extension HELP (4357) when on-campus, 732-923-HELP (4357) when off-campus.

Account Information

Your username is a lowercase “s” in front of the Student ID number (s1234567). Call 732-923-4600, enter your Student ID and receive/reset a password.

Connect to myMU for University-wide systems or go directly to:

Follow these directions to configure email on your iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows device.

Connecting to WiFi or Ethernet

Wifi – MU-Secure

Follow these directions to connect your device to the wireless networks on your iOS, Android, Mac or Windows device.

Turn off wireless feature on personal printers when not in use.

How to: Connect to the Network with an Ethernet Cable

Each residence hall has a BLUE port for an ethernet cable connection to MU-Secure. Use these directions for your computer.

Register Game Consoles & Smart TV

If you are living in a residence hall, streaming devices must be registered on the MU network.

Install Office

Follow these directions to install Office on your PC or use Office365.

Information Security and Storage

OneDrive allows students to store assignments and other information, available via Office 365, which is located at

Each student is provided 10GB of storage on University servers. Called the “M:” drive, it can be easily accessed through “file save as” in the University labs.

Students bringing computers to campus should also purchase or download a free version of anti-virus software and software to eliminate malware.


Printing is available to all students in the University computer labs:

  • Student Center provides 24-hour access to computers and printing.
  • Library, open during Library hours.

Students may bring a personal printer, but if it is wireless, the Wi-Fi feature must be disabled to prevent interference with the wireless network.

Emergency Notification System

Students should register for the Emergency Notification System.  Elect to receive notifications by email, text and/or telephone. Emergency closings and other important information will be sent via this system.