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Campus Technology

How to Connect to the Network Using an Ethernet Cable

How To: Connect to the Network with an Ethernet Cable

  1. Plug your ethernet cable into your Laptop or Desktop Computer, then into the BLUE data jack in your room. Your computer will automatically connect to the Monmouth University network. (The RED Port is for your phone.)
  2. Open your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc…). You will be automatically redirected to our HawkNET login page.
  3. Enter your Student ID number (i.e. s1234567) and your Monmouth University Password (same password as email, WebAdvisor, and eCampus). Click Login.


NOTE: If you did not receive your password yet, please call 732-923-4600.


  1. Click Accept to accept the Policy and Procedures agreement. You are now logged into the Monmouth University network.


Students are NOT permitted to use any device or product that extends the network beyond the intended personal use. These restrictions include, but are not limited to, the use of personal routers, wireless routers, wireless access points, NAT devices, or any other device that acts as a router (i.e. personal computer configured to bridge or share network connections). These devices can cause unexpected network outages and disruptions in service. We appreciate your cooperation!