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Weeks of Welcome

September 3, 2024 – October 5, 2024

Welcome to Monmouth! Weeks of Welcome take place during the first five weeks of the fall semester and consist of programs and events to help build community, foster new relationships, and navigate campus. We can’t wait to welcome our incoming students and support you. Check out the many events happening during our Weeks of Welcome.

First Year Students

Be sure to log each event you attend! At the end of Weeks of Welcome in early October, students who tracked their events will be entered to win prizes!

Track your participation here!

Weeks of Welcome Schedule

*Schedule will be updated, please look back in August*

September 3 – September 8: Student Engagement & School Spirit
September 9 – September 15: Wellness
September 16 – September 22: Academic Support & Career Readiness
September 23 – September 29: Cultural & Diversity Appreciation
September 30- October 5: Service