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Monmouth Students and faculty at the March to End Fossil Fuels

Monmouth Students March to End Fossil Fuels

On Sunday Sept. 17, Monmouth students lead by School of Science Associate Dean Catherine Duckett and joined by School of Education professor Ai Kamei marched in New York City to protest the use of fossil fuels and to call attention to the worsening climate crisis. Students from the Marine and Environmental Policy Club and the Outdoors club participated in the march along with friends. School of Science Student Richard Robinson said about the march, ” Being able to participate in the March to End Fossil Fuels was an experience that allowed me to voice my worries and frustrations for the future of our planet. Marching through the streets of New York City alongside my fellow MU peers, chanting with signs in hand made me feel a sense of unified discontent at the effects that fossil fuels have on our personal lives. The small part I played in the march made an impact as without the combined voice of every individual person, there would be no thunderous cry for change.”