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Sophomore Year Housing Requirement Waiver Process

Monmouth University is committed to the philosophy that students living on campus have a rich experience when they are engaged in their community, maximize their personal and professional development, and succeed academically.  As a result, beginning with the Class of 2026, the University implemented a two-year housing requirement for those students not commuting from the primary home of their family.  Therefore, all who are enrolled in the fall or spring 2024, are required to live in Monmouth University housing for their second year.

If students are requesting to be released from this requirement, they must completely fill out the following form.  It is important to note that students are not automatically released from the requirement by filling out this form.  The form will be reviewed by the Housing Requirement Waiver Committee and the student will be notified of the result in writing. 

Students who elect to live off campus without an approved Housing Requirement Waiver or submit false or misleading information during this process will be in violation of the Student Code and will be responsible for a substantial off-campus housing fee of $5,000 and will be referred to the Dean of Students’ Office.

Please Note: Students should not sign a lease for an off-campus location unless they have received a release from the housing requirement from the Housing Requirement Waiver Committee. The residence appeal request is for the 2024-25 Academic year and the Sophomore Housing Requirement only.

The request for release from the housing requirement will be considered in limited circumstances such as the following:

  • Students who are married, in a civil union, or in a domestic partnership
  • Students who have dependents and have primary custody
  • Students who are participating in a University-approved academic experience, such as study abroad
  • Students commuting from home* during their second year

*Students must live within a reasonable commuting distance of campus and at their permanent legal residence (home address) with a parent or legal guardian.

If you are requesting a release from the housing requirement:

  1. Fill out the Residency Requirement Waiver Form
  2. Provide any necessary supporting paperwork for the Residence Requirement Waiver Form
  3. Wait for a response from the Housing Requirement Waiver Committee
  4. The Housing Requirement Waiver Committee may require additional documentation from the student.