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The “Top 20” Housing Selection Questions for Current Students

Listed below are Frequently Asked Questions related to Housing Selection!

1. If I pay my $150 housing deposit, am I guaranteed housing for next year?

  • Housing is guaranteed for incoming first-year students and rising sophomores.  First-year and sophomore students are required to live on campus unless they reside in the home of their parent/guardian. To learn more, please visit our Sophomore Year Housing Requirement page here.

2. How is the housing selection run?

  • Each resident who pays his or her $150 housing deposit by February 14 will be assigned a number (according to their group category). Residents will select their housing assignment based on their number and the rooms available in their designated group category.

3. What do I need/have to do to participate in housing selection?

  • Pay your $150.00 deposit by February 14.
  • Read your housing selection email which will be sent electronically via your student email account around the beginning of March 2024. In this email, you will find: your housing selection number as well as all information pertaining to the housing selection process.
  • Complete all outstanding judicial sanctions and pay all disciplinary fines, including community service hours and/or alcohol/substance abuse education classes or assignments
  • Make certain that your Health Center records are in order and complete and verify that your student account is in good standing. Any “holds” on your account will forfeit your right to participate in housing selection.
  • Attend Room Selection in March 2024. Please refer to the Housing Selection Group Table listed here.

4. When do I pay my housing deposit?

  • October 22 through February 14, credit card payments can be done through WebAdvisor.  Checks and money orders can be brought to Residential Life, Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • Cash must be paid at the Cashier’s office located in the Great Hall.
  • EOF and full scholarship athletes must notify us of their intentions for housing for the next year
  • Housing deposits are refundable through May 1 to students who do not accept or choose a housing assignment. Please know that it is non-refundable to students who accept a room assignment either on-campus or at the University Bluffs and there is a $500 cancellation fee.  Students can request a refund of their housing deposit by filling out the E-Form.

5. What can I do if I cannot participate in the housing selection session?

  • Ask one of your friends to proxy for you by attending during your designated selection date/time. Come to the Office of Residential Life to complete a Proxy Form by March 10. If you cannot find someone, the Residential Life office may serve as your proxy. You must notify us in advance.

6. What if I arrive after my number has been called?

  • You will still be allowed to enter, however, you will only be eligible to select from halls/rooms that are available when you arrive. Hence, you may forfeit your opportunity to select from the halls available to your group. It is vital that you make every effort to be on time.

7. What are the groups, and what halls* are available in each group?

  • Group One ~ Seniors***
    • (90 credits or more completed as of May 1, 2024)
    • Specific housing options for Seniors are:
      • Garden Apartments
      • Great Lawn Apartments
      • University Bluffs*
      • * By Application Only—Students must be approved by the Office of Residential Life
  • Group Two ~ Juniors***
    • (60 to 90 credits completed as of May 1, 2024)
    • Specific housing options for Juniors are:
      • University Bluffs*
      • Great Lawn Apartments
      • Maplewood Hall Apartments
      • * By Application Only—Students must be approved by the Office of Residential Life
      • *Space is extremely limited
  • Group Three- Sophomores***
    • (Less than 30 credits completed as of May 1, 2024)
    • Specific housing options for Sophomores are:
      • Cedar Hall
      • Beechwood Hall (Specific rooms)
      • Spruce Hall
      • Oakwood Hall
      • Redwood Hall
      • Laurel Hall
      • Willow Hall
      • All sophomores are required to live on-campus or at home with their parent or guardian. For more information, please view our Sophomore Year Housing Requirement here
  • 5th Year Students and Graduate Students
    • (Entered MU in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 or earlier)
    • Those who need housing for the 2024-2025 academic year are encouraged to apply to reside at the University Bluffs. On-campus housing is limited for our 5th-year seniors and Graduate Students

* Bed availability and allocation will be determined after deposits are paid and proportionate to demand
*** Group assignments and building availability are subject to change based on housing deposits received

8. May I select a room with someone from a different group?

  • Students must participate with their assigned group ONLY. If a student wishes to select another start-term group, he/she must submit a letter of request in writing to Ms. Megan Jones in the Office of Residential Life by 5:00 p.m., February 17, 2024, via email. Requests will only be considered based on a student’s class year or their credits earned.

9. Can housing numbers be sold or traded with another resident?

  • No, housing numbers cannot be sold or traded. The Office of Residential Life maintains a database with every resident’s name and assigned housing number.

10. Is a resident allowed to select a building outside of his/her group?

  • No, bed space is allocated proportionately based on the number of residents in each group.

11. Can I pull in my roommate?

  • All residents may pull in one roommate in a double room and two roommates in a triple. Residents eligible for the Garden, Great Lawn, and Maplewood apartments may pull in an entire apartment as long as all the residents are eligible (within the same group). In Suite-Style buildings, residents may pull in one room, two rooms, or four rooms and all rooms must be filled. In Oakwood and Redwood Halls, students may pull in one room or two rooms and all rooms must be filled (i.e. you must have three students to fill a triple, two to fill a double, etc). If a student cannot fill a room completely, they will have to select from partially filled rooms only.

Residential Life reserves the right to limit your selection based on vacancies available at the time your number is called.
If a student has a question about the eligibility of their potential roommate

12. What happens if my roommate for next year fails to complete the process correctly?

  • He or she forfeits his or her spot and a new individual will be assigned to that space.

13. Will there be single rooms available?

  • A limited number of small single rooms will be available in Elmwood and Pinewood Halls. The Office of Residential Life will evaluate each resident’s needs and the feasibility of placing a resident in a single. Students who have requested a single room through the Office of Disability Services by February 17, 2024, and who have specified the nature of their situation will be given priority for a single room. All supporting documentation (i.e. doctor’s note) must be submitted to the Disability Services for Students Office with requests. Please understand that such requests are not guaranteed.
  • Generally speaking, Double rooms will not be converted to singles after our bed allocation process has been completed– no exceptions!

14. How do I live at the University Bluffs?

  • In order to live at the University Bluffs, resident students must submit their $150 housing deposit and complete an application between October 22 and February 2. Applications are available via E-Forms. Information sessions about the complex will be held throughout November. The University Bluffs house two students in one-bedroom apartments. Groups that can fill an entire apartment are preferred but not required. Rising Juniors and Seniors will receive first priority over rising sophomores.
  • Students can fill out the form at
  • Students will be informed by 2/21/2024 if they will be living at the Bluffs.

15. What about on-campus parking?

  • All vehicles that park on campus must be registered with the University Police department. The registration year is from September 1 to August 31.
  • Parking decals may be purchased online by going to and clicking on “Student Parking Registration” or by visiting our traffic bureau at police headquarters. All registration forms received after July 31 will be subject to a late fee. Parking decals will be issued on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our traffic bureau at 732-571-3467.

16. Will commuter students be eligible to participate?

  • Commuters entering their junior and senior year and interested in living at the University Bluffs may apply with resident students between October 22 and February 14.  All others should pay their deposit. 

17. Will there be a waitlist for students who do not get an assignment during the process? How will the list be used

  • Should our demand for housing exceed our capacity (space availability), there will be a waitlist for each class year. Housing is only guaranteed for rising sophomores, who submit their deposit by February 14, however, it is important to note we have accommodated all requests for student housing over the past 10 years. 
  • Residents on the wait list will be identified by their housing number and all assignments will be issued in order of their housing number. The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to prioritize any resident to receive a housing assignment before others on the wait list due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. students who reside the furthest from campus and international students). You must show up to housing selection to be placed on the housing waitlist and remain eligible to keep your Merit Award as a resident student.
  • If Monmouth University is not able to provide housing in any University owned or sponsored housing facility to any resident who resides on campus for the Spring 2024 semester and participates in housing selection, by June 1, the resident can move off campus and retain a “Resident” status with respect to Monmouth University Merit/Matrix awards. This special status arrangement only applies to continuing resident students who will return to Monmouth University for the 2024-2025 academic year. If a student refuses an alternate housing assignment, he/she forfeits any special status for the Merit/Matrix award.*
  • * If a Monmouth University student elects to move off-campus for the upcoming academic year, their federal and/or state financial aid may be adjusted to reflect their commuter status. To understand the impact of a change residency on such aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office with specific questions.

18. Will moving off-campus affect my financial aid?

  • If a Monmouth University student elects to move off-campus for the upcoming academic year, their federal and/or state financial aid may be adjusted to reflect their commuter status. To understand the impact of a change residency on such aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 732-571-3463.

19. What off-campus housing options are available?

  • Monmouth University currently offers housing at the University Bluffs. There is a separate application process for this facility and is only available to students in good standing with the University. This is a University-owned complex, therefore, any financial aid that you receive can be applied toward the costs. Please contact the Financial Aid office if you have any questions about aid to live at the University Bluffs off campus.

20. Where and when will the Fall 2024 housing selection process take place?

  • Housing Selection will take place March 21st & 22nd, 2024. Specific times will be distributed with your housing number. You may also view the Housing Selection Group Table here for the date and time associated with your housing number and class year. For more information please email us at or call us at 732-571-3465.