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Resident Information

Residential Life Fact Sheet

Additional Information

Number of Residents: Approximately 1,800 on-campus and approximately 164 living in University-sponsored off-campus housing

  • Number of Buildings: Eleven buildings, three apartment complexes, and an off-campus University-owned housing complex.
  • Staff: Each floor has a resident assistant (RA). Every area has a full-time professional area coordinator (AC) assigned to it.
  • Safety: All buildings are locked 24 hours a day. In the evening, all guests must be signed in by a resident of the building. Several of the buildings have safety officers assigned to them as well.
  • Bedding: Beds are size twin extra-long. Sheets can be purchased at any store or through the Residence Hall Association.
  • Types of Housing: Suite-style buildings have four bedrooms sharing one common room and a bathroom. Traditional corridor-style residence halls have about 30 students living off a hallway, sharing a large communal bathroom. Both options are available for first-year students.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is housing guaranteed?
    Housing is guaranteed to any incoming first-year student who submits their housing deposit by May 1. Housing is also guaranteed to sophomore students. Currently, there is no guarantee of housing for junior or senior year.
  • Is there a Residency Requirement?
    All first- and second-year undergraduate students of the University who do not live with a parent/guardian must live in a residence hall and participate in one of the University’s board plans. The University acknowledges the diverse needs of students and therefore reserves the right to grant permission for a first- or second-year student to live off campus on a limited case-by-case basis.
  • When will my student find out his or her room assignment?
    Room assignments will be emailed to their student portal in mid-July. This email will also include the name of your roommate and his or her contact information.
  • Can my student request a specific person to live with?
    Yes. As long as both students indicate that they want to live with each other, we can usually accommodate such requests. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission to update your housing contract with the request. All requests must be received by May 1.
  • When is move-in day?
    When students receive their room assignments, the date and time will be included as to when they should arrive.  It will either be in the morning or afternoon.
  • Is there air conditioning in the buildings?
    All of our residence halls, with the exception of Elmwood and Pinewood Hall have air-conditioning. If there is a specific accommodation for air conditioning, we ask that you connect with our Office of Disability Services; however, the air conditioning is only running for about two weeks in the fall semester. Therefore, there is no difference in terms of housing related to air conditioning.
  • When will students on the housing waiting list be notified?
    Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 732-571-3456 regarding the waiting list.
  • When will students on the parking waiting list be notified?
    Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 732-571-3456 regarding the waiting list.
  • What meal plan is best for my student?
    Depending on students’ eating habits, meal plans will vary. First-year students have the option of the Carte Blanche (all-you-can-eat in the dining hall), 225 Block (225 meals a semester), or 195 Block (195 meals per semester). During the first two weeks of classes, students may change their meal plans. First-year students cannot select a lower meal plan until their sophomore year. Meal plans are required for all students living in the residence halls.
    If you are a new or incoming student and need to make changes to your housing contract or other housing requests, please contact the Admission Office at 732-571-3456.
  • Are microwaves allowed in the residence halls? How about refrigerators?
    Students are permitted to rent microfridges for their rooms.  This is a refrigerator and microwave combination.   Otherwise, students are not permitted to have other microwaves in their residence hall room.  Any non-permitted appliance found in the students’ rooms will be confiscated, and the students will be subject to fines and/or judicial action. There also is a microwave located in the lobby of each building. Refrigerators are allowed, up to 3.2 cubic feet. Only one refrigerator per resident is allowed. In triple rooms, a maximum of two refrigerators is allowed.  If students decide to rent a Microfridge, they are not permitted to have another refrigerator in the room.
  • Are bed risers permitted?
    Bed risers are permitted in the residence halls and can be purchased by the student directly from department stores.
  • What types of rooms are available?
    First-year students will be assigned to a double room. These rooms may be located in a suite-style building or a traditional corridor-style residence hall. Single rooms are not available to first-year students.
  • More Questions?
    Call the Office of Residential Life at 732-571-3465 or send an e-mail to