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Date Region Title
11/02/2018 California, National, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia 2018 House Race Stability
10/10/2018 Pennsylvania Dem Dominates in CD17
10/03/2018 Pennsylvania Small GOP Lead in CD01
09/13/2018 Pennsylvania Uncertain Dem Edge in CD07
09/10/2018 California, National, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia State of the 2018 House Race
07/24/2018 Pennsylvania Dem Has Advantage in CD17
06/04/2018 Pennsylvania CD01 Incumbent Popular, But Race is Close
03/12/2018 Pennsylvania Dem Gains in CD18 Special
02/15/2018 Pennsylvania Small Lead for Saccone in CD18
12/05/2017 Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia 2017 Mid-Atlantic Coastal Policy
11/02/2016 Pennsylvania Clinton Has Smaller Lead; McGinty Ahead in Senate Race
10/04/2016 Pennsylvania Clinton Maintains Lead; Senate Race All Tied Up
08/30/2016 Pennsylvania Democrats Lead for Both President and Senate
04/20/2016 Pennsylvania Clinton Leads Sanders by 13
04/14/2016 Pennsylvania Trump Up by 16
10/21/2010 Pennsylvania CD06: Gerlach v. Trivedi
10/14/2010 Pennsylvania CD08: Murphy v. Fitzpatrick
10/07/2010 Pennsylvania CD07: Meehan v. Lentz

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