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Off-Campus and Commuter Services

Finding and Selecting a Roommate

Try to keep in mind that your standards for comfort will probably be different from other people.  Even if you know someone well and you feel that you get along, it doesn’t guarantee that you will live together problem free.  That’s just part of the experience.  The issue isn’t whether or not you will have differences of opinion, but how you handle and resolve the disagreements that will determine your satisfaction in living together.  Here are a few things to consider when selecting a roommate:

  • How well do you know the person(s) you intend to live?
  • Has the person(s) you are thinking about sharing a house or apartment with ever lived off-campus before?
  • Has the person(s) ever had utilities or a checking account in their own name(s)?
  • If the person(s) lived with roommate(s) before, how did they describe the experience?  Was it “good” or a “nightmare,” and why?  What did person(s) learn, if anything, from the experience?

Communication and respect are two key elements needed to make a roommate experience work.  If you are not talking each other, then you are bound to have problems which will make your off-campus experience difficult.

Students can access the Places4Students rental and roommate online listing service to create roommate profiles and search for potential off campus roommates. Select the link below to learn more about the site and register to post a FREE Roommate/Sublet listing.