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Off-Campus and Commuter Services

Summer Rentals

Students who are in search of a summer rental may find the pool of available properties somewhat limited and quite expensive. Most of the seasonal rentals that are located near Monmouth University are either occupied by the property owners or they are rented at dramatically increased rates. These factors often make it difficult for students to secure a summer property near Monmouth University.

Traditionally, the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services has not received many summer rental listings to post on the OCCS Web site. Students in search of a summer rental may contact one of the real estate agencies listed on the site or identify an agency through some other means. Students may also refer to the Asbury Park Press Real Estate Section as part of their search for a summer rental.

Monmouth students who will be taking classes at the University during the summer can contact the Office of Residential Life at 732-571-3465 to learn more about on-campus summer housing options and rates.

College students from other institutions who are taking classes or completing an internship in the area can contact the Office of Conference Services for on-campus summer housing rate information by calling 732-571-3473.