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Off-Campus and Commuter Services

When to Search for an Apartment

The rental market near Monmouth University is somewhat different when compared to other college and university communities.  Since the campus is located 1 mile from the beach, most of the apartments tend to fall into the category of “seasonal rentals.” A seasonal property is typically rented out more than one time within a calendar year. Near Monmouth, we usually see properties being rented for either the “winter season” or the “summer season.”

Students will more often find apartments with leases that run from the first week of September until the second or third week in May. When students are looking to rent a unit for just the academic year, this works out quite well. Students who are searching for a year-round rental may have to spend some extra time finding an available unit.

Searching for winter rentals

The best time to begin your search for a winter rental is during the spring semester before you intend to move in.  If you wait until July or August you may miss out on a number of possible leads. With that in mind, it doesn’t pay to procrastinate.

Searching for summer rentals

There aren’t a lot of Monmouth students who decide to rent an apartment during the summer, because they tend to be very expensive.  Students should be able to find a number of summer rental leads if they begin their search during the early part of the spring semester (late January and February).

Searching for year-round rentals

Unlike the seasonal rentals, a year-round unit can become available during any month of the year. If your intended move in date is September, you should begin your search no later than July.

Searching for short term or monthly rentals

The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services rarely receives any short-term listings, so students who are searching for a monthly rental will need to aggressively pursue any and all leads to find a unit in this category