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  • MBA Scholarships and Awards

    Hess Scholars

    The Hess Scholarship was created to recognize outstanding academic performance and provide an incentive for high academic achievers who did not attend Monmouth University for their undergraduate degree to enroll in the MBA program by offering a financial incentive and recognition of their achievements.

    Hess Scholars receive a $4,000 scholarship each year for up to three years that can be used toward tuition and fees in the MBA program. This scholarship is awarded in addition to any graduate scholarship award students receive from the university.

    There is no application process, but to be eligible you must have applied and been accepted into the MBA program and did not attend Monmouth University for any of your previous degrees. Grade point average, test scores and previous degree and institution are the primary considerations for the award. A total of nine awards are available each year.

    Student Scholarships and Awards

    Annually, outstanding students are recognized and financially supported by the generosity of the Business Council and others.

    Gertrude Murphy Endowed Scholarship - Awarded to MBA students, this scholarship honors "Gert" and her 30+ years of service at Monmouth.

    Wollack Scholarship - Established in honor of the long-time Associate Dean of the school, Leonard Wollack, for excellence in marketing by an MBA student. Each award is for $250.

    Recognition of Excellence Awards

    MBA Academic Achievement - Awarded to the graduating graduate student with the highest overall GPA in the MBA program.

    MBA Outstanding Student - Recognizes excellence beyond just academic performance for the MBA program. Awarded to the graduating graduate student.

    Graduate Assistants

    The employment of Graduate Assistants (GA) is a well-established and successful practice in higher education. At Monmouth University we recognize the value of GAs for educating graduate students as developing professionals in training; for the important roles GAs serve in interacting with, mentoring, inspiring and helping undergraduate students and fellow graduate students; and for providing critical support to graduate faculty. Click here for more information about GA opportunities.

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