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MBA Curriculum – Curriculum Overview

MBA Curriculum Overview

MBA students take between 36-51 credits depending on prior coursework and preparation.

Pending an audit of your transcript and résumé, you may be qualified to waive some or all of the following required foundation courses:

Foundation Requirements (15 credits)

  • BE-511: Microeconomics
  • BE-512: Macroeconomics
  • BA-513: MBA Accounting
  • BF-516: Business Finance
  • BK-520: Foundations of Marketing Management
  • BM-517: Introduction to Management
  • BM-518: Introduction to Statistics
  • BM-519: Production and Operations Management

*International students may also be eligible for waivers.

To discuss the potential of course waivers, please contact Nicky Kelly, MBA program administrator, at or (732) 571-3434 to schedule a phone call or web meeting.

The program requirements will differ based on whether you pursue one of the five concentration areas or choose the General MBA and utilize your remaining electives to customize your degree.

What is the difference between the General MBA and a concentration?

A concentration has a predetermined set of courses designed to help you succeed in that specific functional area. The General MBA allows you to select the elective courses that best suit your career goals; examples include interdisciplinary topics such as data analytics, public relations, web design, computer science, nursing administration, and more.

View program specific curriculum charts and course descriptions here:

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