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General MBA

Monmouth’s general Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is designed to create outstanding leaders by developing the knowledge, skills and perspectives that will enable you to perform creatively, ethically and effectively in complex organizations across the globe.

This MBA degree provides you with the foundation for strong decision-making and strategic planning based on the data analysis and critical thinking skills required to be a leader in any firm today. The required core classes in finance, accounting, marketing, economics, ethics and strategic planning are areas upper level managers will employ in decision-making regardless of their discipline or industry. The general MBA can be customized by the student through elective courses to fit their specific career goals by hand picking from any of the business coursed offered as well as other graduate courses appropriate for their career from any school on campus (e.g. C+ programming, Public Relations, Project Management, and Independent Research).

We also offer five MBA concentrations in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing and Real Estate for students who wish to build depth in a functional area.