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Public Service Communication Specialist Certificate

Public Service Communication Specialist Certificate

Monmouth’s Public Service Communication Specialist certificate prepares you for community relations, advocacy, and social justice work in the public sector. You’ll be well prepared for jobs in local, state, and federal government agencies, nonprofit organizations, philanthropic organizations, higher education, or healthcare institutions.

Students interested in public service have unique opportunities to apply for graduate assistantships with the Monmouth University Polling Institute, Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute, and the Alternatives to Violence Project of New Jersey, which leads weekend intensive conflict-management workshops in prisons and community settings. Your courses will explore:

  • How to create persuasive, effective, and ethical messages to reach diverse audiences in the nonprofit and public sectors
  • Analytical tools for determining how influencers such as political candidates and media corporations serve or do not serve the public interest
  • Communication leadership at times of organizational conflict, crisis, and need
  • Communication of policy decisions in the public sphere

This certificate provides the flexibility to choose courses that support unique field work and research opportunities. Some of your courses may include:

* Indicates required course

  • * Communication, Culture, and Community
  • * Communication Ethics
  • Organizational Communication
  • Presentational Communication: Design and Delivery
  • Global Communication and Public Relations
  • Strategic Digital Communication
  • Public Relations and Fundraising for Nonprofits
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Message Construction: Audio, Video and Web
  • Special Event Planning and Promotion
  • Graduate Internship in Communication

If you’re ready to make a difference in the worlds of nonprofit management, politics, healthcare, or related fields, this graduate communications program certificate is a great place to start. You’ll emerge with both the instruction and the hands-on experience necessary to advance your career in this competitive arena.

Brielle Easton M.A.’14

Administrative Analyst for the NJ Department of Corrections, Office of Policy and Planning

Having a master’s degree was vital for advancing my career within the public sector, and the graduate program at Monmouth had the flexibility and recognition I was looking for. Working in government requires excellent leadership, communication and research skills. The M.A. in Communication program has the fluidity to cover all facets of government and focuses on sharpening transferable skills to help you succeed.