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  • Software Engineering Internship – Jordan Strobing

    (Excerpted from My Experience as a Software Engineer Intern at Fidelity Investments)

    Being a part of Fidelity’s Internship Program has been a wonderful experience over the past couple months. From day one, I have experienced endless amounts of support, a flexible schedule, and a tech project that has allowed me to use my existing skills while growing knowledge in new areas.

    As someone who had no experience prior to this internship, the company, and my team have done a great job making me feel comfortable and confident in my new role as a Software Engineer Intern. During orientation my first week, I learned many things about Fidelity as a company and how the internship program worked …

    As a Software Engineer Intern, I was tasked with recreating an outdated system application using a modern set of technologies. This required me to learn a heap of new technologies that I had no experience with. I was very excited to get started, as learning new technologies is something I really enjoy … After working on this project, I have learned several technologies, a new programming language, and was able to work with large collections of data, automate processes and build a user interface for the application. All of this allowed for me to take away the knowledge of how software is built at a granular level.

    Overall, I’ve greatly enjoyed my experience interning at Fidelity this summer. …