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CSSE Trailblazer Colton Lambert

CSSE Trailblazer: Colton Lambert

My name is Colton Lambert, I am graduating this May with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Business Administration. I currently have an internship lined up with BluMarc in Bridgewater, NJ and I will resume studies for an M.S. in Information Systems this summer.

I have a diverse background over my four years at Monmouth with involvement in New Student Orientation, Track and Field as the Pole Vault Senior Captain, and Desk Assistant Manager and Resident Assistant. I hope to secure a graduate assistantship either through the department of Computer Science & Software Engineering or the School of Business since I will be combining my interests in both with my MSIS. I am looking forward to growing as an individual and enjoying grad school.

Upon finishing grad school at Monmouth University I am inspiring to enter the fitness industry. A close friend of mine and myself will be opening a strength and conditioning gym along the Jersey Shore. This dream of mine is to help inspire individuals to reach their max ability physically, emotionally, and mentally. The goal of our gym is to spread our message of enjoying life to its max potential and finding everyone’s inner beauty. We hope to grow and become a popular gym along the Jersey Shore. On a personal note I am training to compete on American Ninja Warrior and hope to compete at the CrossFit Games within the next five years.