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Art & Design

Faculty & Staff


Photo of Frederick L. McKitrick Ph.D.

Frederick L. McKitrick, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Art & Design

Full-time Faculty

Photo of Tom N. Baker, MFA

Tom N. Baker, MFA

Associate Professor

Photo of Kimberly M. Callas, MFA

Kimberly M. Callas, MFA

Assistant Professor

Photo of Corey J. Dzenko, Ph.D.

Corey J. Dzenko, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Departmental Advising Coordinator

Photo of Wobbe F. Koning, MFA

Wobbe F. Koning, MFA

Assistant Professor

Photo of Mark M. Ludak, MFA

Mark M. Ludak, MFA

Specialist Professor

Photo of Mike Richison, MFA

Mike Richison, MFA

Assistant Professor
Departmental Advising Coordinator

Photo of Jing Zhou, MFA

Jing Zhou, MFA

Associate Professor
Departmental Career Advising Mentor

Part-time Faculty

Photo of Kathleen P. Doherty, Ph.D.

Kathleen P. Doherty, Ph.D.

Methods of Teaching Art

Photo of Michael A. Donato, M.A.

Michael A. Donato, M.A.

Drawing and Painting

Photo of Theresa M. Grupico

Theresa M. Grupico, Ph.D.

Art History, Art Appreciation

Photo of Tonya D. Lee, MFA

Tonya D. Lee, MFA

Art Appreciation

Photo of Dale L. Mahabir, M.S.

Dale L. Mahabir, M.S.

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Eileen T. Sackman, MFA

Eileen T. Sackman, MFA

Art Appreciation

Photo of Gina M. Torello, MFA

Gina M. Torello, MFA

Art Appreciation and Drawing


Photo of Scott F. Knauer, MFA

Scott F. Knauer, MFA

Director of Galleries and Collections