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Tutoring Services Testimonials

Please explain what was most helpful about your tutoring sessions.

“My tutor ensures that I do all the work myself so that I’m actually learning the material and she’s not just giving me answers.”

“The tutor reassured me that I was on track and provided me with the assistance I needed with specific problems.”

“[The tutor] broke down the information in terms that were more understandable than those in the book.”

“He taught it in groups, which was great because other people addressed problems I would have overlooked and not studied.”

“My tutor is very good at explaining ‘why’ and can explain reasons behind processes. Additionally, he is good at identifying what I am doing wrong [so I’m] able to fix it.”

“My tutor, Nicole L., was always available to meet me no matter what. She helped me drastically in math from my first test being a 52 to my next test being a 102! She broke down the information for me in a way I could comprehend it. She worked with me for almost 4 hours every week and was extremely flexible! She is the best!”

“[My tutor] was very helpful, and she also gave me good advice not just with my course but also about college in general.”

“I just wanted to tell you that Amanda is a real life saver and she really did help me so much. I am very grateful you had Amanda with the tutoring staff because she went above and beyond to help me.”

“I just wanted to express to you how much Alyssa R. has helped me this semester with Microeconomics. Alyssa made this very easy by not judging at all and was helpful beyond belief. She has gone above and beyond for me by coming in early, seeing me after hours, and even interrupting her own studies to help me. The best part about Alyssa that even after I have given up she did not give up on me. I just wanted to thank you for having this amazing person. I would not have made it through this year with out her.”

Please share any positive examples/results you have experienced as a result of receiving tutoring.

“After failing multiple chemistry quizzes and exams, I realized I needed the extra help; after going into [Tutoring Services], my life became a whole lot easier. I understood chemistry!!!!”

“I got my first A ever in Italian. I usually received C- and D’s.”

“By going to tutoring, I really improved my time management. I got more work done and felt less overwhelmed. It was a great feeling.”

“I got a 102 on my midterm after I started tutoring. Before I started with my tutor, my average test score was a 40.”

“He was fantastic. He’s the best tutor I’ve ever had, and he made the subject easier to understand. We quickly became friends. I do not feel so overwhelmed by PY-311 because of my tutor.”

“I have done well on all of my practicals. [My tutor] showed me that taking it one small step at a time and break[ing] it down can go a long way [towards understanding the material].”

“I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure having Jimmy Morecraft as a tutor. He took the job of tutoring me very seriously, was patient in teaching me, and really had a true desire for me to do my best. I would also like to thank the Tutoring Center for offering these services; they are helpful.”

“I would just like to let you know that Nicole has been doing such an amazing job tutoring me. Quite evidently because I have been working with her for over a year. I would like to thank you for referring me to her and would like to inform you of her performance and caring and helpful personality.”

“First and foremost, I just wanted to say that I love the Tutoring Services that the Center for Student Success has to offer. Every tutor that I have worked with has a great attitude and has helped me succeed in every subject I have needed help in.”

“As a recent graduate from Monmouth University, I’d like to take the time to sincerely thank you for guiding me to this point in my life. Without your support and patience, I truly believe that I would have not been as successful as I was. Choosing to come to Monmouth was one of the best choices I have ever made in my education, and with your assistance, I was able to obtain a degree from such a great school this past January 13th. Your team of support was specific to my courses and personality, resulting in easing my stress level and organizing my thought process. I always gained a sense of comfort in my learning material when attending tutoring/writing services. There are not enough ways to express how grateful I am for everything you all have done for me. Your methods of instruction are truly moving, and I hope you all recognize the impact you have on students, like myself.

Once again, thank you for your continuous effort during my years at Monmouth University. I will always remember the central reason for my success as an undergraduate student.”

Faculty feedback

“You and everyone at TWS play an important role in my students’ success, because the tutoring and workshops enable students to engage course goals and student objectives outside of class meeting time. The more this happens, I think, the greater the benefit: they become not just better students in my classes but better students overall. The extra credit I offer gets them through the door, but the quality of the services they receive from TWS keeps them coming back and gets them to spread the word to their fellow students.”