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Center for Student Success

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Upcoming FALL 2020

Active vs Passive Reading: Strategies for Academic Success

SQ3R, Cornell, Annotation, etc. So many choices! Learn which one will work best for based on your learning preference and course demand.

Learn How to Learn in College: Strategies for Academic Success

Learn about the difference between the kind of work required of students in high school vs. college and how to achieve your academic goals.

Making the Most of Your Time: Strategies for Academic Success

Do you spend too much or too little time studying? Learn the skills of successful time management and increase your ability to balance your workload.

Test Taking Strategies for Better Results: Strategies for Academic Success

Learn about the difference between objective and subjective exams and strategies to improve test scores and help manage anxiety.

The Home Stretch-Finals Prep: Strategies for Academic Success

Learn about some classic tips and strategies to help you manage anxiety and succeed while taking final exams in college. Perfect for first semester college students!

Recognizing and Using Your Personal Learning Style: Strategies for Academic Success

Your personal learning style can impact the way you study and learn. Discover your style and learn specific strategies for using your preference in the classroom.