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Center for Student Success

Tutoring Services College Success Skills Workshops

FALL 2020

Please email for a copy of any of the workshops listed below.

Overview of Tutoring Services Fall 2020(available September-December)

Everything you need to know about Tutoring Services!

Strategies for Effective Time Management (available September-December)

Do you spend too much or too little time studying? Learn the skills of successful time management and increase your ability to balance your workload.

Active vs Passive Reading: Strategies for Academic Success (available October-December)

SQ3R, Cornell, Annotation, etc. So many choices! Learn which one will work best for based on your learning preference and course demand.

Test Taking Strategies for Better Results: Strategies for Academic Success(available October -December)

Learn about the difference between objective and subjective exams and strategies to improve test scores and help manage anxiety.