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Introduction to Tutoring

Peer tutors are available and FREE for University students in subject areas related to University coursework. Students in need of tutoring will be matched with a student who has excelled in the requested subject area.

How Do I Get Connected With a Tutor ?

If you need assistance with a specific course or with improving your study skills in general, Tutoring Services can help you. There are two ways to request a tutor:

  1. Make an appointment with a peer tutor using Accudemia.
  2. Complete the Tutor Request Form. When submitted, the form will be sent directly to the Director of Tutoring Services.

If an appointment with an Academic Coach is needed, please see the Director in person.

How Long Will it Take to Get Connected With a Tutor?

Students who make an appointment using Accudemia will be able to choose a convenient time and location to be tutored. For all other requests, a tutor can usually be selected within 48-72 hours. Your first tutoring session can take place as quickly as you feel necessary. It is best to communicate your urgency to your assigned tutor. It should not be expected that help will be available the same day that a tutor is requested. We highly recommend that you request tutoring help at your first sign of trouble.

How Often Can I Meet with a Tutor?

It is recommended that students meet with the tutor on a weekly basis for retention and review. However, students may meet with a tutor for just one or a few tutoring sessions; others contact the tutor as needed. We recommend that ample notice be given to the tutor to ensure that a mutual time can be scheduled and the necessary assistance is received.

What Should I Expect From a Tutoring Session?

Thirty-minute to one-hour tutoring sessions are typical. But, depending on the needs of the student, they can run longer or shorter. The length of time is extremely flexible. It is very important for you, the tutee, to communicate your needs to the tutor before the first meeting, as well as at the beginning of the session. The tutor and you can then mutually agree on the length of the session.

Tutoring sessions offer reinforcement or clarification of course content, demonstration, modeling, practice, and suggestions for learning the material. Tips for improving study skills will also be provided. Tutors will sit with you to review or discuss your work and answer your questions.

What You Should Not Expect From a Tutoring Session

The tutor will NOT do your work for you. You should NOT expect a tutor to cram with you the day before a test or exam. A tutor cannot guarantee you a high grade. A tutor should not replace your own hard work and preparation.