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MU CEFAM +1 MBA Program

The Leon Hess Business School, Monmouth University, New Jersey, USA  partners with CEFAM – International School of Business and Management – Lyon, France to provide a one year MBA pathway for CEFAM students who have completed their bachelor’s degree and meet the admission requirements and all course waiver requirements.


Any questions CEFAM Students may have can be directed to Ms. Nicky Kelly, Program Administrator, Monmouth University at  Email, phone, or web conferences can be arranged to provide you with information regarding the program, degree requirements, university life, cost, and visa issues.


As part of the MU CEFAM partnership, CEFAM students are eligible for MU Graduate Scholarships, consideration for merit-based Scholarships from the LHBS, and can apply for graduate assistantships.

MBA Degree Program Offerings

The students accepted into the Monmouth MBA can decide to complete a general MBA where they can choose from elective courses to customize the degree (data analytics, global, cyber security, or various business topics), or from one of the following concentrations to add a specialization to the degree: Accounting, Finance, Management or Marketing.  Each of the four concentrations can be scheduled in a one year program. Customization will be discussed with interested students individually to make sure they have complete information regarding scheduling.


The application for the MBA Program requires the student to create an account and complete an online application, have official transcripts sent from your institution, provide a resume (CV), a brief essay presenting your reasons for pursuing the MBA, and evidence of English proficiency.

CEFAM students who have earned their “Manager des Organisations à L’international” diploma (Mastère Professionnel) in France will be waived of our GMAT requirement for admission into the MBA program.

Applicants should have a degree GPA of at least 3.0 for consideration.

CEFAM students will also be waived of the MU Graduate application fee if they are recommended by CEFAM for admission.

CEFAM students who have qualified for the waiver of foundation courses for the MBA program by completing specific coursework with at least a B grade will not have to complete the waived courses in the MBA degree.  Students who have not completed all foundation requirements and qualified for all waivers can still be admitted and attend the Monmouth MBA program but will need to complete the graduate credits they were not waived from and this will extend the time it will take to complete the degree.  There is a list of specific coursework required to qualify for waivers that is offered as part of the CEFAM degree that have been pre-approved to fulfill the qualification for foundation waivers in the MU program.

CEFAM applicants must complete the application and provide all requested records and materials including an English proficiency requirement and a resume (CV) for admission.

For more information about obtaining a student visa and the documentation required, please visit International Graduate Admission.