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Center for Entrepreneurship


Whether you plan to start a business, want to develop your entrepreneurial skills, or are just curious about entrepreneurship in general, the Center for Entrepreneurship is here to guide you.

Fulfill Your Entrepreneurial Potential

We incubate and accelerate entrepreneurs pushing New Jersey and the world forward. Our mission is to help the Monmouth University and regional startup communities tap into and fulfill their entrepreneurial potential. We offer one-on-one coaching, mentorship, business-building resources and learning opportunities, to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and make a positive impact on society.

We’re Here to Help You Chart your Entrepreneurial Path

Whether you plan to start a business or develop your entrepreneurial skills to apply on any professional journey.

Personal Inc. Path

Be the CEO of your life. We offer tools, coaching and group experiences to help you cultivate essential entrepreneurial skills to apply on any professional journey.

Business Impact Path

Build a business or product that makes positive change in this world. We offer a supportive experience to help you with each phase of the business-building journey–from idea to minimum viable product, to market-fit and beyond.

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Meet our Director

Alison Gilbert

Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

Leon Hess Business School

Samuel E. and Mollie Bey Hall, 127