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Financial Literacy Program

Taking a cue from a USA Today study that found “first-year college students required to take a financial literacy course in high school are significantly more likely to be financially responsible than their peers who did not take a class…”, the Leon Hess Business School developed the Financial Literacy Program (FLP), which offers a free weekly series of workshops to high school students. The FLP curriculum covers various topics, including goal setting, budgeting, credit, investing, higher education, and life skills.
Student Participants from Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School in Charlotte, St. Lucia

Audience Served

A cohort of high school students is selected through a competitive selection process by the partner school’s administrators and teachers. Selection criteria are developed jointly by MU and its partner school and are aligned with Leon Hess Business School’s mission statement and guiding principles. The cohort of students is transported to the University campus once per week. Each session covers two modules primarily taught by Student Instructors (SIs).

The targeted participants are freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior high school students in Monmouth and Ocean counties in New Jersey, as well as international students.


For more information, please contact Dr. Janeth Merkle, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement, at