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Graduate Admissions

Dreaming of earning your graduate degree on an exciting American campus? There is no better place to complete your graduate studies than Monmouth University. Learn from our world-class faculty, network with diverse classmates, and take advantage of nearby New York City and Philadelphia. At Monmouth University, you will find a welcoming community and endless possibilities.

Admission Requirements

Graduate admission requirements vary by program. Please check the full application instructions for details on the specific application requirements for your program.

Official documents: Monmouth requires a complete set of official or attested documents, including all transcripts, marksheets, and degree certificates. These must be sent by the student’s undergraduate school. In some cases, we accept an official evaluation of the student’s education provided by a reputable agency. All documents Monmouth receives must come to us in an unopened envelope from the university or agency. If the official documents are in a language other than English, they must be accompanied by a reputable translation.

Application Requirements By Graduate Program

English Proficiency Requirements

Paper-based TOEFL: 550
Computer-based TOEFL: 213
Internet-based TOEFL: 79
Duolingo: 105

ELS Language Services Criteria

Monmouth will also accept international students who meet the University’s regular standards for admission and who have successfully completed the ELS Language Services program at the master’s level of English proficiency, which is completion of Level 112. This may be accepted instead of the TOEFL or other English proficiency exam. Conditional acceptance may be issued for those students who choose to prove English proficiency by enrolling in and completing ELS Level 112.

Application Deadlines

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The general application deadlines are:

May 1

July 1

December 1

The following programs enroll one cohort per year with program-specific application deadlines:

Doctor of Social Work (April 15)
Speech-Language Pathology (February 1)
Physician Assistant (October 1)
Occupational Therapy (March 15)
Social Work (July 15)

Application deadlines for the MSN and DNP programs is July 15 for a Fall-start only.

Visa Requirements

In addition to meeting the standard requirements for admission, international students must also complete the following steps:

  • Complete the Application for Form I-20 and Affidavit of Financial Support, which is to be notarized. This document is essential in order to receive a student visa (F-1), which allows the student to study in the U.S. Certified evidence that there are adequate funds to meet all expenses during the first year of study must be present. This is part of the Form I-20
  • Transfer students with F-1 status who have attended an American college or university and want to transfer to Monmouth University, will need to submit the application for Form I-20, as well as an F-1 Transfer Request form.

Our dedicated Office of Global Education is available to assist you through any challenges you may face during the visa process.

Helpful Information:  

Information from the U.S. Department of State

Affidavit for Free Room and Board