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Transfer Services

National Transfer Student Week 2019

The third annual National Transfer Student Week takes place October 21 – October 25, 2019. This awareness campaign aims to recognize the contributions transfers bring to schools across the nation and engage students with transfer-focused programming.

This year’s theme is “Celebrate your Transfer Story.” We’ll be sharing our transfer students’ journeys and successes on social media from October 14th – October 25th. Please join in the conversation with the hashtag #TransferStudentWeek.

In addition to their individual accomplishments, our transfer students have attained a number of collective achievements this year. Most notably, the new Transfer Hawks Club Mentorship Program. Our dedicated club members helped mentor over 20 incoming students this past semester to ease their transition into the University. They’re already building on this momentum by doubling their club’s size in the last month. We expect great things on the horizon from this amazing group of students.

Monmouth University’s chapter of Tau Sigma, the national transfer honor society, has also had a productive year. The group boasts its largest membership in three years after this past spring’s induction ceremony. The new executive board aims to further increase its membership and become more active on campus through philanthropy.

We’ve also planned an exciting series of events to engage transfer students during National Transfer Student Week. We invite students, administrators, faculty, and staff to participate in this year’s line-up.

Transfer Bowling Night
Tuesday, October 22nd || 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm || MU Bowling Center
Come hang out with your fellow transfer students for a night of fun on the lanes. $2/game and $1/shoe rental (cash only).

Transfer Student Pride Day
Wednesday, October 23rd || All Day
Be proud of your accomplishments as a transfer student! Wear your Transfer Hawks tee-shirt, Monmouth University gear, or a shirt from the community college you transferred from today. Participating students can stop by the Transfer Services Office any time from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm for some pre-Halloween treats.

Transfer Hawks Club & Tau Sigma Honor Society Information Table
Thursday, October 24th || 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm || Student Center
Learn more about the Transfer Hawks Club’s mentor program and social programming, as well as how to qualify for the Tau Sigma national transfer honor society at these informal meet and greets.

So please join us in celebrating National Transfer Student Week. Stop by any of our events or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to participate digitally. You can also contact the Office of Transfer and Undeclared Services for more information.

5 Ways Transfer Orientation Can Help You Rock Your First Semester at Monmouth University

We know, we know. You’ve already attended an orientation at your old school, so you don’t need to attend another one at your transfer destination.

But you’ve got it wrong. It’s just as important for transfer students to attend orientation at their new school.

Transfer students have a shorter timetable to take advantage of all of the amazing things offered by Monmouth University. That’s why we planned a quick orientation specifically to help new transfers hit the ground running.

Whether you’re looking to make new friends, get involved on campus, or connect with your academic department, attending our transfer-specific orientation is your first step to soaring as a Monmouth Hawk.

Discover Campus Resources

Interested in learning about jobs or internships? Career Services will help you find them. Looking to get involved on campus? Student Activities has just the club or activity for you. Discover how these offices can help you develop experience and skills to build your resume at New Transfer Student Orientation.


Connect with Other Transfers

The fastest way to make new friends is by meeting your peers at New Transfer Student Orientation. By the time classes start, you will already have a friend to grab coffee with or to help you study for your first exam.


Get to Know Your Faculty

Meeting faculty is essential to networking in your industry and finding opportunities within your program. Learn about your academic department and get answers to your questions by chatting with a professor or professional advisor.


Learn to Navigate Campus

Don’t stress about finding your new classrooms. New Transfer Student Orientation will take you through the main parts of campus. Pay attention, and you will feel confident stepping onto campus on your first class day.


Snap Your ID Photo

Bring your Instagram-worthy smile for your ID picture! Your card will grant you access to campus buildings, your meal plan, and more. Bonus: you can use it to get awesome student discounts. ID cards will be distributed the first week of classes.


We designed New Transfer Student Orientation to help you kick-start your first semester as a Hawk. Take your next step towards success at Monmouth University by RSVP’ing today!

Student Guest Post: Studying Abroad


Student Guest Post by Gabriella Soroka

Studying abroad was, without a doubt, the best experience of my life! I studied in Florence, Italy, where I learned so much, not only about Italian culture, but also about myself. The experience shaped me into a more confident person, allowed me to try new activities and meet people from all walks of life. I am so glad I made the decision to go abroad, and I cannot wait to get back to Italy!

Monmouth University’s Global Education Office gave me a great selection of places to study. They offered full semester experiences, summer programs, and even short-term programs. Typically, those short-term programs are great for transfer students looking to graduate on time. You can choose from options such as service trips to Guatemala and Haiti, and faculty-led programs to places like Costa Rica over Spring and Winter Breaks. I chose to spend a whole semester abroad; however, it was great knowing that I could have still had a global experience even if a full semester had not worked with my schedule.

Having a global experience allowed me to learn so much, both in and out of the classroom. Prior to going abroad, I was rather reserved and usually waited for someone else to take the lead. I had not traveled much, and I always felt like I needed someone to guide me. However, once I went abroad, I was immersed in new cultures and surrounded by people and places that helped me to grow. I learned to navigate Florence without a GPS, and I often explored the city in between classes. I will never forget the confidence I felt while walking back to my apartment in Florence without someone leading the way for me. I returned home with a much greater sense of independence, and I have Study Abroad to thank for my improved level of confidence.

Studying abroad gave me some of the most memorable experiences of my life! I got to see beautiful places in the world such as Cinque Terre, Italy. I checked some things off my bucket list like making a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. I also got to do things I never dreamed of doing like seeing an opera in Florence, which is where opera originated. Going abroad expanded my horizons in ways I had never expected, and I cannot overstate what a transformative experience it is. I encourage anyone considering studying abroad to seize the opportunity!

National Transfer Student Week

The second annual National Transfer Student Week takes place this year starting on October 15, 2018. This awareness campaign aims to recognize the contributions transfers bring to schools across the nation, examine how higher education can better support them, and celebrate the educators who embody dedication to transfer student service.

National Transfer Student Week plays a critical role in today’s higher education landscape. With almost 37% of students transferring during their undergraduate education, the need to celebrate their accomplishments, and thereby create more transfer-friendly environments is vital. Please take a moment to recognize transfer students on earning their associate’s degree, balancing work and life commitments with their course work, and the many other challenges they overcome to complete their four-year degrees.

This week also provides a time for educators to reflect on how they can help improve transfer-related issues on their campuses. Monmouth University is dedicated to this purpose. For example, the Transfer Services Office has worked diligently to update all transfer orientation programs. These improvements resulted in the largest transfer orientation program in the University’s history this past July. We will continue to strive towards creating the finest possible experience for all of our transfer students.

National Transfer Student Week also provides a great opportunity to celebrate the faculty and administrators who go the extra mile for transfer students. People like Lorna Schmidt, Dr. Kathryn Lionetti, and Julie Schaaff, who will act as panelists during Ensuring the Success of Your Transfer Students, a discussion that will share best practices surrounding transfer advisement at Monmouth University.

So please join us in celebrating National Transfer Student Week. Follow The Office of Transfer and Undeclared Services on Twitter and Instagram to join the conversation. Students can also stop by the Transfer Nook anytime from October 17-19 for activities and prizes. Lastly, the Tau Sigma Honor Society will hold an interest table on October 18 in the Student Center.


The Transfer Nook

The Transfer Nook officially opened on September 4, 2018. This new space, designed specifically for transfer students, is located in the lower level of the Student Center, adjacent to the Transfer Services Office. Our small grand opening took place during the first week of classes to help welcome our new and returning transfers to campus.

This cozy area sports couches and chairs which surround a new bulletin board for transfer-specific news. Continuously updated by student staff, the board currently features student profiles and will routinely add flyers about upcoming events and departmental announcements.

The development of the Transfer Nook is a direct response to student feedback. In a 2017 student satisfaction survey, transfer students indicated that they wanted a separate area to spend time relaxing and studying between classes. The Office of Transfer & Undeclared Services quickly acknowledged this and developed a space located near their offices.

The Commuter Lounge provides another accessible space for the 85% of Monmouth University transfer students who are commuters. Overall, the department wants all transfers to experience a comfortable and welcoming environment on campus.

The Office of Transfer and Undeclared Services plans to host several gatherings throughout the academic year to allow students the opportunity to engage with each other and cultivate a strong transfer community at the university. Transfer students are encouraged to stop by! Check our Instagram or Twitter for updates.