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Transfer Hawks Club Mentorship Program

The Transfer Hawks Club provides opportunities for transfer students to connect with their new school – Monmouth University. Club members plan a number of events over the course of the year that create a sense of community for our new transfers.

The Transfer Hawks Club Mentorship Program is one of the most important aspects of the organization.

This program connects current Monmouth transfers with incoming students to provide peer-to-peer mentorship and help with the transition into the University.

Our mentors will act as guides for incoming students throughout the summer and first semester to assist with their transfer process and integration into the Monmouth University community.

Benefits for Mentees

Connecting with a mentor can help incoming students ease their transition into Monmouth University. The program also provides new students with a number of tangible benefits such as:

  • Extending your social circle
  • Discovering how to get involved on campus
  • Learning how things work at Monmouth University
  • Connecting with campus support service

Transfer Services will send invitations to new students to opt into the program a few months before the semester begins.

Benefits for Mentors

We recognize that many transfer students experience challenges from the moment they are accepted until the end of their first semester. We want to help. We hope you do too. Becoming a Transfer Hawk Mentor can help you:

  • Build resume experience
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop leadership abilities
  • Get fulfillment from helping others
  • Extend your personal and professional network

Please contact Transfer Services at 732-571-3588 or if you’re interested in joining the club or becoming a mentor.