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  • The Student Stress Questionnaire

    The amount of stress that a person deals with over a 12 month period reflects the stress related to life changes.

    Check the items in the list below that apply to things that have happened to you in the last 12 months.

    Each event is equivalent to a certain number of "life change units," and the total may indicate the likelihood of experiencing a health consequence as a result of stress.

    Death of a close family member
    Death of a close friend
    Divorce between parents
    Serious judicial issues
    Major personal injury or illness
    Being fired from a job
    Failing an important course
    Change in health of a family member
    Sexual difficulties
    Serious argument with a close friend
    Change in financial status
    Change of major
    Trouble with parents
    New romantic relationship
    Increased workload at school
    Outstanding personal achievement
    First semester in college
    Change in living conditions
    Serious disagreement with professor
    Poorer grades than expected
    Change in sleeping habits
    Change in social activities
    Change in eating habits
    Chronic transportation issues
    Change in number of contacts with family
    Multiple class absences
    Change of college
    Dropping more than one class
    Minor traffic violations
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