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Dr. Weihao Qu

School of Science Welcomes New Faculty

Dr. Kevin Dillon has returned to the Biology Department as a Lecturer. Dr. Dillon graduated from the School of Science and Honors School at Monmouth University in 2015 with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. After MU, Dr. Dillon attended Rutgers University and earned his Ph.D. in Microbial Biology. After earning his doctorate, he was funded by the National Institutes of Health for his post-doctoral research at Rutgers University. His doctoral and post-doctoral research focused on the diversity and metabolic activity of airborne microbes in indoor and outdoor air. His interests include microbiology, bioinformatics, environmental science, and science education. He is teaching Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology and Microbiology in Health and Disease. Prof. Dillion joins our faculty as a Lecturer in the Biology Department.

Prof. Jack Giannattasio earned his master’s degrees at Pacific Western University and Monmouth University. He  taught high-school physics and chemistry for 32 years and as an adjunct professor at MU for the past 23 years.  I retired from the NJ public schools in 2022 and asserts “I am fortunate to join Monmouth as a full-time physics faculty member.   Through the Governor’s Teacher recognition program, I was named district teacher of the year in 2002 and county teacher of the year in 2010.  I am passionate about science education and inquiry learning as well as reading and enjoying time outdoors – especially the beach.” Prof. Giannattasio joins our faculty as an instructor in the Chemistry and Physics Department

Dr. Weihao Qu received his Ph.D of Computer Science from Boston University in 2022, his research interest involves the concept of programming languages, formal verification of programs and logics. He worked at Meta as a research scientist focusing on the application of programming language techniques to guarantee security in Meta’s products. He is interested in teaching logics and programming languages, in particular functional programming languages, and security.  Professor Qu joins our faculty as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Software Engineering.