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  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

    Promoting the Common Good By Studying People and Society

    The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is ideal for students interested in how people interact with each other and relate to the larger society around them. While psychology looks at an individual's mind and behavior, sociology examines the relationships between social systems and individual choices. These social systems can be as large as the global economy or as small as a school or family. With a major in sociology, students learn to contribute to the common good by working to change systems, not just people.


    Courses in the program focus on social institutions such as family, work, law, prisons, sport, the military, education, and religion. Students also study social inequalities regarding race, class, gender, sexuality, and globalization. Sociology majors gain an understanding of theory and research methods and apply it through experiential education, internships, and study abroad opportunities. The major is specifically designed to give students the flexibility to explore multidisciplinary interests, to study abroad, or to participate in the Washington Semester.

    Careers in Sociology

    Sociology students develop a number of important skills valued by employers—from critical thinking and problem solving, to data analysis and cross-cultural understanding. With these skills, students are able to work with diverse populations, analyze an organization's structure and culture, address social inequality, and develop social change strategies.

    With a BA degree in sociology, students have a variety of career choices in...

    • Social services
    • Nonprofit organizations
    • Private companies
    • Research organizations
    • Community organizing
    • Government agencies (both in the U.S. and abroad)

    To search for positions in sociology, visit The SocioWeb.

    Famous People Who Majored in Sociology

    You could be the next sociology student who makes a difference in the world. Many well-known, accomplished people have done great things after studying sociology, including...

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ronald Reagan Michelle Obama
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ronald Reagan Michelle Obama

    For a list of famous sociology majors, visit the American Sociological Association.

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