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School of Science

Pre-Health Advising

Preparing for a Career in Pharmacy

The field of “pharmacy” is a broad one and can include the distribution and advisement of physicians and patients on the use of medications, as well as managing pharmacies, home health care management, and research. For further information on the job outlook for pharmacists, please visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Students interested in pharmacy may continue their education beyond Monmouth in two different ways:

1. Graduate programs in biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical science, medicinal chemistry, or pharmacology: Graduate work in these areas will well-prepare individuals for work in a pharmaceutical research setting, including the design, development, production, and evaluation of drugs and healthcare products. Studying the mechanistic pathways of disease, and how pharmaceutical intervention may be used to treat disease, is also a growing field.

Prerequisite requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, or a related science field
  • GRE examination

Prerequisite requirements can vary by school, so check the graduate programs of interest.

2. Post-graduate (B.S.) degree programs leading to a “Doctor of Pharmacy” (Pharm.D.) degree: A “Pharm.D.” degree is a clinical doctorate, and would prepare individuals to work as a pharmacist in a clinical setting (including retail, long-term care facilities, clinical research corporations, and hospitals). A license is required to practice pharmacy, and may be obtained after completing the degree through a licensing exam and clinical experience. Pharmacists who work in a hospital setting also usually complete a residency program. Obtaining a Pharm.D. after completing a B.S. degree in a separate field usually requires four years of full-time study.

Prerequisite requirements:

  • Coursework required:
    • General chemistry and labs
    • A year of biology and labs
    • Organic chemistry and labs
    • Physics and labs
    • Calculus
    • Statistics
    • English and public speaking
  • Entrance examination (PCAT)

Prerequisite requirements can vary by school, so check the graduate programs of interest.