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Academic Timeline

Throughout 4 Years:

  • Finish Principles of Biology and Lab, other appropriate Biology courses, General Chemistry and Lab, Organic Chemistry and Lab, and Physics and Lab by end of junior year (to be prepared for entrance exams).
  • Maintain GPA of 3.4 or higher.
  • Take elective classes that are health profession related (ex. Anatomy and Physiology, Applied Microbiology, Histology, Biochemistry, etc.).
  • Become familiar with latest minimum requirements for professional school (ex. Biology and Lab, l Year; Physics and Lab, l Year; Inorganic Chemistry and Lab, l Year; Organic Chemistry and Lab, l year; Mathematics – College Algebra and/or Calculus; Humanities – Behavioral and/or Social Science).
  • Attend Pre-Health Advising meetings throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Freshman Year:

  • Talk with your freshman advisor in the First Year at Monmouth Office about your interest in the health professions.
  • Become acquainted with Pre-Health Advising and fill out an information sheet to register your interest in pursuing a health profession.
  • Take Principles of Biology and Lab and General Chemistry and Lab.

Summer Before Sophomore Year:

  • Get involved with a health-related activity, such as volunteer work at a hospital or nursing home, participation in research, shadowing a physician, etc.

Sophomore Year:

  • Take Organic Chemistry and Lab (two semesters of lab).

Summer Before Junior Year:

  • Get involved in health-related experiential education (cooperative education, internship, participation in research or volunteer work, shadowing a physician).

Junior Year:

  • Take Physics and Lab (2 semesters of lab).
  • Try to keep class load light during spring semester.
  • Take review course to prepare for entrance exam to professional school (MCAT, DAT, etc.), during spring semester.
  • Take entrance exam during spring semester.
  • Fill out forms to activate the process of a Pre-Health Advising letter of recommendation (spring semester).
  • Discuss where to apply to professional schools with a member of Pre-Health Advising.
  • Submit application for graduation audit to Registrar’s Office.

Summer Before Senior Year:

  • Apply to school.
  • Advise committee of scores obtained on entrance exam.
  • Register to retake entrance exam, if necessary.
  • Continue health-related experiential education (cooperative education, internship in research or volunteer work).

Senior Year:

  • Complete requirements for graduation.
  • Apply for graduation.
  • Check on application process and progress status.
  • Advise committee of interviews and acceptances.
  • Schedule mock interview with the Pre-Health Advising, if desired.

Pre-Health Advising prepares a letter to be sent to the professional schools, as opposed to individual letters of recommendation. This process takes time to complete. Students may not be guaranteed that letters will be sent to schools before deadlines unless forms have been filled out no later than two weeks before the end of classes in the spring semester.