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Entrance Exam Preparation

Entrance to professional school will require the MCAT (medicine), DAT (dentistry), OAT (optometry), PCAT (pharmacy), or the GRE (PA/PT veterinary/public health). The MCAT has three sections of multiple-choice questions (physical science [chemistry/physics], biological science, and verbal reasoning). Scores of 9 on each section are competitive for admission. For the DAT, a score of 18 is competitive, and for the OAT, a score of 300 is competitive.

Preparation for each of these exams varies, but there are several factors in common to good test preparation:

  1. Do well in coursework at Monmouth University. Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biology courses are good preparation for these exams.
  2. Begin reading frequently! Reading comprehension cannot be “crammed” in only a month or two of last-minute test prep! Skills needed for reading with speed and comprehension take practice to acquire. Further assistance is available from the Center for Student Success.
  3. Take practice tests! There are a variety of practice test books available both in bookstores and online. Taking practice tests is the best way to familiarize yourself with the format and question style of the exam. In addition, test preparation books can familiarize you with test-taking strategies. Many students do take test review courses; the same review may be able to be accomplished with review books and discipline, though some students prefer to have the structure of a formal course (the cost can be high). Again, taking practice tests should not be limited to the last month or two prior to the exam – begin early!