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American University of Antigua (AUA) Doctor of Medicine Program

The articulation agreement between Monmouth University and the American University of Antigua calls for students graduating from Monmouth University with a Bachelor of Science in BiologyBachelor of Science in Biology with a Concentration in Molecular Cell PhysiologyBachelor of Science in ChemistryBachelor of Science in Chemistry with a Concentration in Advanced Chemistry, or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a Concentration in Biochemistry to gain admission into AUA’s educational program leading to the Doctor of Medicine degree while meeting the following criteria:

American University of Antigua
Main Entrance American University of Antigua, College of Medicine.
  • An overall grade point average of 3.00 or higher
  • Pre-requisite courses required by AUA
  • No more than one “F” or “D” in any pre-requisite course required by AUA. If candidate received “F” or “D” in a pre-requisite course, they will have one opportunity to repeat the course and must earn a least a “C”
  • MCAT score: AUA does not believe there is a correlation between your MCAT score and your ability to practice medicine effectively. Though we do require that US students, nationals, and permanent residents complete the MCAT exam, we do not factor your score into our admissions decisions.
  • A recommendation for admission by an AUA Admission Officer who has interviewed the applicant.

Students will formally apply for this program during their sophomore year at Monmouth. An interview will be completed for students meeting the criteria, and PHA will recommend applicable students to AUA. A $5,000 grant is awarded to 5 Monmouth University students per semester. A student’s acceptance into the AUA program is non-binding, and he/she may choose to apply to other schools and attend a different school, if accepted. For more information on American University of Antigua, visit their Web site at