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Successful Alumni


Kwesi St. Louis
Class of 2010

When I moved to NJ in 2004, I knew I wanted to go to a school that would be able to provide a nurturing environment, in addition to providing me with the academic teaching that would prepare me to be a competitive medical school applicant. Monmouth University, and in particular Dr. Mack, made me feel at home from day one and provided me with the tools to increase my knowledge and boost my confidence. After finishing my first year at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, I know that I was well prepared from my education at Monmouth to do well in school here. I would highly recommend Monmouth to other aspiring medical or other health professional students.

I would like to thank you again for the advice and encouragement that you have given me over the years, as without it I would not have been in the position I am in now.

Jennifer Sielski
Class of 2006

Through excellent pre-health advising supplemented by excellent classes, great professors, research experience, and an internship in a pathologist’s office, Monmouth University has provided me with the foundation to become successful no only in dental school but also in life.

First, Pre-Health Advising is a group of “all star” professors dedicated to getting you into professional school. My experience with Pre-Health Advising is nothing short of outstanding. Part of the reason why I have been so successful in getting into an excellent school is dedicated to the organizational skills and information provided by Pre-Health Advising. The committee holds meetings for pre-health students twice a year. During these meetings, the committee discusses preparation for professional school, required courses, standardized tests, the application process, and finally allows professionals in medical, dental, and veterinary fields to discuss their experiences in the medical field.

Monmouth University prepares pre-professional students for professional school through outstanding classes, research experience, and medical internships. First, the diversity of classes and expertise of the professors provide the necessary foundation for getting into and being successful in professional school.

Next, Monmouth University provides many opportunities for research. For example, to further my own knowledge and experience in the health science field, I was involved in a cancer research project, under the supervision of Dr. Dorothy Hutter, at Monmouth University. The project compared how contact inhibition affected Mitogen activated protein (MAP) kinase activity in normal vs. cancerous cells. I am actively involved in presenting this research and getting it out to the public. During my undergraduate schooling at Monmouth University, my research team and I placed second in the poster presentation at the Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists meeting in Long Island and also presented at the national meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in Washington, D.C. As of April 2006, our research was published in the cellular and molecular biochemistry journals. This research has not only given me valuable experience in medical research, it has amplified my ability to think critically, persent in front of large audiences, work with my hands, and problem solve, just like dentists, medical doctors, and veterinarians, as they are some of the greatest problem solvers in the world. To me, research seemed to be a very important factor in my acceptance to the University of Pennsylvania Dental School.

Finally, through a program directed by Dr. Mack of Pre-Health Advising, I was given the opportunity to observe a pathologist at Centra State Hospital in New Jersey during the summer and fall of 2005. As I viewed the autopsies, the pathologist described in detail what he/she was doing. While gaining knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, this experience confirmed how deeply I desired knowledge in the health science field, and also prepared me for the first year Anatomy Dissection course required at Penn.

So where am I now? I am a second year student at the University of Pennsylvania Dental School. While I am glad to have completed my first year at Penn Dental, I am looking forward to my second year. Second year will include more hands-on training in the dental field and I will also begin my dentures course.

When I stepped up to the plate and entered dental school, I was confident that Monmouth University had given me all the practice I need to be successful. I am overly satisfied with Monmouth University. Without the great experience provided by Monmouth, the diversity of classes, and the pre-health advising, I would not be where I am today as a student and individual.

Lauralee Roenigk, BS, MSPA, PA-C
Class of 2004

As a freshman at Monmouth University, I was not completely certain which path in the medical field that I wanted to pursue. It was not until I attended a pre-health advising meeting in my Junior year that I became aware of the Physician Assistant profession. It became clear to me that the requirements needed to become a Physician Assistant were qualities that I already possessed. My willingness to work hard and my passion for helping others is what first led me down the medical path.

I truly believe that I made the right decision when I chose to attend Monmouth University. The smaller classroom sizes and the one-on-one experiences with the educated faculty members is what made my decision so easy. During my four years as a Biology major, the training in the classroom not only prepared me for my future, but also encouraged me to learn more. The importance of learning something new everyday was made significant, due to the constant changes that medicine faces.

In August 2004 I began my first year as a Physician Assistant student at Seton Hall University. I was well-prepared for my classroom experiences as well as my non-classroom experiences in hospitals and doctor offices. The affiliation that exists between Monmouth University and Seton Hall University created a smooth transition. Three years later, in May 2007, I graduated and can now write PA-C behind my name. Every time I sign my name, I think about all of the hard work and sacrifice that has allowed me to be in this position. I began working at an Allergy and Asthma practice in July 2007, and couldn’t be happier. I owe all of my successes to the faculty of these two great universities, who helped make my direction down the medical path so straightforward.

Michael Chaump, M.D.
Monmouth Medical Center Scholar
Class of 2002

As a surgical resident, academic knowledge and preparation are essential to my everyday endeavors. Even throughout my medical school years, these two concepts were equally imperative. As a Monmouth Medical Scholar, I learned fundamental scientific concepts and the importance of academic preparation at Monmouth University. The education I was provided, coupled with the skills I learned at the university, allowed me to further expand my knowledge base and ultimately excel in the discipline of medicine. In addition, the pre-health advising faculty provided me not only with valuable insight but also strategic direction during each step of my undergraduate experience. This was done in a very personalized and individualized manner that is unique to the Monmouth University community.

When I graduated from Monmouth University I was prepared for my graduate education because I had been provided with both an invaluable knowledge base and the academic framework on which to build my career. Overall I am very satisfied with my undergraduate experience at Monmouth University and would recommend the university to anyone aspiring to be a health care professional.

Paul T. Rock, O.D.
Class of 1978

It is easy for students involved in a demanding curriculum to concentrate on the short-term goals of writing the next paper, mastering the next task, or preparing for next examination. These hard-won academic achievements fill out a transcript but the time eventually comes to apply these new skills.

I can thank Monmouth University’s Pre-Health Advising for guiding me in the furtherance of my future goals. The Pre-Health Advising process was instrumental in my application and ultimate acceptance to the New England College of Optometry.

Since beginning as a practicing optometrist in 1982, I continue to marvel at the ongoing research and new instrumentation that have transformed my specialized field. It is difficult to imagine what progress those Monmouth University students now entering the Pre-Health Advising process will see in their future health care careers. I ultimately know they will be glad that they took advantage of this important and available resource.

Monte Marder, M.D.
Class of 1977

I graduated Monmouth College in 1977. I then went on to attend Georgetown University Medical School and received my M.D. in 1981, and I have been a practicing physician ever since. I had started Monmouth after already attending and dropping out of two other colleges. I realized when I first started college that I really didn’t know what I wanted to study. I went through a variety of majors and even switched to another college but to no avail. Monmouth, my third college to attend, proved to be the charm though.

I had never thought of being a medical doctor until I started at Monmouth, and it turned out to be the right choice for me. It was a great atmosphere for learning. I loved the campus, and I received a lot of personal attention right from the beginning from my professors. Through my years at Monmouth, my biology professors Spiegel, Dorfman, Gepner, and Mack were all supportive of my goals and took a genuine interest in my success. This really made a difference and helped me as a physician because you have to not only understand the science but also be able to relate to other people whether it’s your patient, colleague, or staff.

Monmouth gave me an excellent, well-balanced education and prepared me well for the demands of medical school. Although I can’t believe more than 30 years have gone by since I left West Long Branch, I have no doubt that they still offer an excellent education and can only recommend it highly.

Dr. Rick Lubitz
Class of 1973

It seems like I was at Monmouth College (University) a life time ago. My first close encounter of the biology kind was Dr. Mack’s class at Shore Regional High School over sophomore summer break doing either a cat or pig dissection. I think that was in the pre-Cambrian period. I must admit that Dr. Mack … and my Dad … were my stimulus to proceed in a career in the medical field. At first, veterinarian medicine seemed interesting but after researching the options, I migrated to human medicine. Professors like Dr. Spiegel, Dr. Garner, and Dr. Dorfman and like made the life sciences very stimulating. The “family-like” environment of Monmouth was a great help in developing my study habits and many long-term friendships. My grandfather was a dentist and a whole slew of my relatives were in the medical field.

The campus was, and still is, very regal. I feel the Monmouth experience was parallel to a Princeton-like experience but you were treated like a person instead of a number. Everyone was seasoned at what they did and thought “out of the box” when it came to experiments and planning science curriculum. I still drop by the university as I’m local to check out The Outlook or play a game of pool. All in all, I was very pleased with Monmouth and, subject to my kids’ plans, would seriously consider sending them to the campus for their future learning experiences.

If you need any “class trips” to a dental practice or a small mini-residency for prospective medical/dental students next year, consider my practice in West Long Branch as your teaching lab.

My wife graduated from Monmouth also of late and is pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology. My brother, Dr. Mark Lubitz, graduated from Monmouth in the 80s and has a practice up in Belle Mead, NJ.

May the Floss be with you!

Frank P. Gudicello, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Assistant Clinical Professor
Hahnemann Medical College
Class of 1967

The study of medicine is a long and arduous journey. Adequate preparation is essential for success. Pre-health advising is one key to successful navigation through the myriad of courses needed for proper preparation.

I had many concerns about how I would perform in the fast pace of the first years in medical school. To my pleasant surprise, my pervious years as a student of biology at Monmouth University provided enormous help to me in medical school. I will be ever grateful to Monmouth University and the excellence of the Biology Department and its very dedicated and competent professors for my academic success. I now nostalgically cherish all the hours of lectures, laboratory work, and that ole midnight oil burning, because I have been able to achieve with the education at Monmouth University my lifelong goal to be physician-surgeon.

Success is not achieved alone. Each time I sign my name with M.D., medical doctor, I hope and pray that the lives of the people whose paths I have crossed have been well served by me. I owe allegiance to am very aware that one of the steps toward my goal and success is the years at Monmouth University, my alma mater studiorum.

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