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Board of Trustees

The Monmouth University Board of Trustees is composed of 32 regular members (with vacancies occurring from time to time) who are elected to four-year terms and are divided into four class years. There are currently five Life Trustees as well as three ex officio members. The bylaws also provide for up to 25 Trustees Emeriti. The board operates within the conventional framework of higher education academic governance for independent institutions. Board members are concerned with higher education issues and share a specific and genuine involvement with Monmouth University. Indeed, Monmouth is fortunate that many of its trustees are alumni. In addition to a commitment of time and energy, they support the institution financially and advocate for Monmouth in the public arena.

Board of Trustees

Jeana M. Piscatelli ’01 ’02M, Chair
John A. Brockriede Jr. ’07 ’10M, Vice Chair
Leslie N. Hitchner, Vice Chair
Christopher D. Maher, Treasurer
John C. Conover III , Secretary
Miles J. Austin III ’19
Michael V. Benedetto, Esq. ’90
Tasha A. Youngblood Brown ’97 ’03M
Thomas D. Byer ’67
Karyn F. Cusanelli ’89 (Ex officio)
Mary Vaden Eisenstadt
Denis J. Gallagher ’76
Stephen E. Gerard ’89M
Jeremy Grunin
Raymond G. Klose ’77
Patrick F. Leahy, Ed.D. (Ex officio)
Nancy A. Leidersdorff ’97
Dean Q. Lin, FACHE
Lisa McKean
Thomas J. Michelli
Valerie Montecalvo
Antoinette M. Musorrafiti
Tavit O. Najarian, Sc.D.
Michael A.  Plodwick ’82
Christopher W. Shaw
Michelle Spicer Toto ’94M (Leave of absence)
Webster B. Trammell Jr., Psy.D. ’70 ’73M
James S. Vaccaro III

Life Trustees

Paul W. Corliss
Marianne C. Hesse
Harold L. Hodes ’65
William B. Roberts

Trustees Emeriti

Stanley S. Bey ’59
Alan E. Davis, Esq.
Paul S. Doherty Jr. ’67 ’04HN
Judith Ann Eisenberg
Alfred L. Ferguson, Esq. ’13HN
John H. Kessler ’69
Henry D. Mercer, III ’87 ’17HN
Stephen M. Parks ’68 ’07HN
Charles T. Parton ’01HN
Thomas A. Porskievies ’82 ’86M
Steven J. Pozycki ’73
Alfred J. Schiavetti Jr. ’11HN
Robert B. Sculthorpe ’63 ’15HN

Presidents Emeriti

Samuel H. Magill (1980-1993)
President Emeritus

Rebecca Stafford (1993-2003)
President Emerita

Paul G. Gaffney II (2003-2013)
President Emeritus

Grey J. Dimenna (2017-2019)
President Emeritus