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Minor in Health Studies

About the Program

The 18-credit Health Studies minor offers a broad and intensive education in the relationship between lifestyle and health. The curricular focus on the sciences makes this major a good fit for those students pursuing careers as healthcare professionals.

Core Courses

  • Strategies for Healthy Living
  • Select 3 credits from Health (HE) at the 100 Level or higher
  • Select 6 credits from Health (HE) or Physical Education (PE) at the 200 Level or higher
  • Select 6 credits from Health (HE) or Physical Education (PE) at the 300 Level or higher

Student Outcomes

Monmouth health program graduates will be prepared to serve as leaders in fields that integrate health, wellness, and education; working with individuals, groups, and families in healthcare organizations and services, corporate health programs, education and at the local, state, federal or international level.

Career paths include working in healthcare agencies, managing sports or wellness centers, working in community health departments, teaching, and working in global nonprofit agencies or other public and private healthcare sectors.

Students can further their education by pursuing graduate degrees in areas such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, health and physical education, healthcare administration, public health and many others. Students intending to pursue careers as physicians or other healthcare professionals are encourage to explore the mentorship available through Pre-Health Advising.

Undergraduate Research & Internships

Concern about personal health, healthcare, nutrition, fitness, community health, and complementary health therapies has increased greatly in recent years. A major in Health Studies or Health & Physical Education will open doors to entry level positions in a wide variety of health-related agencies as well as provide grounding for future graduate work. Health Studies majors may find employment in city, county, state, and federal government; nonprofits; social services; businesses; and educational institutions depending on their skills and experience.